5 Ways To Boost Google Chrome’s Speed

We all know that Google chrome is one of the most popular and fastest browsers among the other browsers available and also very lite to use.Other than browsing we can also do various things using Chrome browser. This is the vital reason why most of them use Google chrome.But sometimes Chrome browser might also slow down due to more number of plugins, cached data and extensions.If you are a Chrome user and your browser lacks in speed or get in to crash frequently then follow these simple steps to speed up your browser.

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How To Boost Google Chrome’s Speed:

1.Disable unwanted Plugins:

Too many plugins will also slow down the speed of your browser and bad plugins are the main reason to crash your browser.So disable unwanted plugins,you can find plugins under settings.Scroll down the page there you can see show advanced settings in that under privacy option there will be content settings click on that,a pop up window displays you the plugins option or else just type chrome://pluginsĀ in the search barĀ and hit enter.


2.Disable unwanted extensions:

Every browser will have extensions and add ons which slow downs the performance,you can find extensions option under more tools or just type chrome://extensions,there you can disable the unwanted extensions.


3.Clear browsing data:

This will delete all your browsing data and cookies so be sure to check your history before clearing.Cleaning up your history frequently is a good idea to boost the chrome.


4.Change maximum tiles to 512:

Change the maximum tiles for interest area from default to 512.This let’s the chrome to use increased RAM and enhances the performance.You can open this by typing chrome://flags.


5.Check for updates often:

Keep your browser up to date to experience new improved features and to speed up the performance.

Don’t forget to relaunch chrome after modifying these changes.

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