7 Essential Plugins for Your WordPress Blog

Have you started a blog on WordPress and thinking about what plugins to install? Then this post is for you, here are some of the most common and essential plugins for WordPress which every newbie blogger should know.There are some thousands of plugins available in WordPress but choosing the right plugin for your need will make your site more effective and useful.

These plugins will help you to rank better in search engines, secure your site and much more.Other than these there are many other plugins which would be very useful but here just i am listing the plugins that every blogger should have in common.

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1.Yoast SEO:

Yoast SEO is one of the most useful and recommended plugin for your WordPress blog.It helps you to optimize your wordpress site for search engines.It gives you the keyword suggestion, minimum required words and other suggestions to make your post well optimized for search engines.With the help of this plugin you can even generate XML sitemap for your site so that you no need any other additional plugin for generating sitemaps.


Jetpack is also the most useful plugin which comes with bunch of features.It is a combination of other plugins.With Jetpack you can view site stats, you can enable or disable social sharing buttons on your posts, can enable related posts and so on.It also offers email subscription and CDN service.

3.W3 Total Cache:

Page Speed is one of the most important thing to rank better in search engines and also for better user experience.So W3 Total cache plugin caches the site and makes the site load faster.This plugin does the job exactly to make your site load faster each and every time.The best alternative for this plugin is W3 Super cache.

4.Contact Form 7:

Contacts forms are necessary for WordPress blogs because if somebody wants to contact you then they can send a message using the contact forms.Contact form 7 is the most popular contact form plugin.You can integrate the contact form anywhere in your blog just by using the shortcode.


Sharing posts on social media is very important nowadays to promote your blog effectively and also to build new audience. SumoMe is the social sharing plugin comes with amazing customization options.You can place the sharing buttons according to your wish.Other than sharing it is packed with subscribe form, image sharer and much more.

It is available in both free and paid options.


Spam comments are the most annoying thing, we cannot moderate each and every spam comment which takes lot of time.In such situation the Akismet plugin does the job for u. Akismet plugin blocks the spam comments and allows only real user comments and thus makes your site spam free.This is a pre-installed WordPress plugin so you just need to activate it and start killing spam comments.

7.Wordfence security:

Wordfence security plugin is also the recommended one which secures you site from being hacked.It comes in both free and premium options, where premium plugin offers country blocking, scheduled scans, two-factor authentication and so on.

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