Here’s How To Play 7 Hidden Google Games

We can do various things in Google search apart from searching for general information.Google has some hidden tricks and games in it, which we can access by doing a simple search.When you don’t have an internet connection or when you feel bored then sure these hidden Google games will help you to get rid of boredom.

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Hidden Google Games:

1.Atari Breakout:

Just go to Google image search and type Atari Breakout and start playing the classic arcade game.You have to move the bar present at the bottom to bounce the ball towards the color blocks.

2.Pac Man:

This classic arcade game, to play this game type Pac Man in Google search and hit enter.Click on the first link/image in the search results to start playing the game.You have to eat the Pac dots to stay away from Ghosts.

3.Zerg Rush:

Zerg Rush is a game based on Starcraft video game.Type Zerg rush in Google search to start the game.Zero’s starts dropping from the top of the screen, you have to destroy the falling zero’s by clicking on them to protect your search results.

Android Games

4.T Rex:

Doesn’t have an internet connection?Don’t worry here is a game in Chrome browser to kill your boring time.Open Google Chrome and search for ┬áT Rex.Now tap on the screen to start the game and also to hop over the obstacles.Enjoy your game until your internet connection is back.Use the space key to play the game on PC/Laptop.

5.Flappy Droid:

Flappy droid is a version of Google’s Flappy bird.You can play this game if your Android smartphone is running on either Lollipop or Marshmallow OS.If your device is running on any of these OS then to start the game go to your system settings.

Settings->About phone->Android version

Tap on android version several times, a new screen appears displaying the letter M.Tap and hold M to see a Lollipop or a Marshmallow.Now start your game by tapping on sweet treat.

Google Maps & Earth Games

6.Smarty Pins:

You can test your Geography knowledge with this game.You can start this game either by searching for it in Google Maps or by visiting will ask you the questions about the places and you have to choose the correct answer by placing the marker on it.

7.Google Earth Flight Simulator:

Go to Google Earth, you could find Flight simulator under the tools menu.This game allows you to fly across the cities of the world from your home.Choose the type of plane you want and start flying.

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