13 Best Apps For Rooted Android Smartphone

Rooted android devices have much more privileges and features when compared to non rooted smartphones.But most of the android users would not prefer rooting process as it voids the handset’s warranty.The other reason is that the rooting process has to be done carefully, if it goes wrong then the handset will get in to serious damages.

But once you have rooted your device successfully, you can do various things without any restrictions and limitations.You can change themes, install custom ROM’s and so on.So here are some of the best apps for rooted android smartphones which helps in various process.

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Best Apps for Rooted Android smartphones:


Greenify is one the best app for the android smartphone users who wish to improve smartphone’s battery life.It is quite easy to install and use.Most of the apps will run in the background and drains the battery, the Greenify app will show you the history of background running apps and allows you to hibernate the apps running in the background to save and improve your smartphone’s battery.

2.Xposed Framework:

Xposed framework is the app which allows you to customize your whole android smartphone.Before the existance of xposed framework we have to install custom ROM’s in our smartphone in order to customize the smartphone, installing custom ROM is not that much easy task, so most of you might ignore installing that.This framework made customization process easier, you can use various modules to increase performance, change themes, can customize user interface and much more.

3.Titanium Backup:

Do you store some important files or data in your smartphone?Then you must have a regular backup of those files because at any time the data gets deleted accidentally.Android smartphones have a default backup option by which we can be able to backup our files but we use some third party backup apps which performs faster and has extra features when compared to default backup option.

So for rooted android smartphones the Titanium backup is the best one, it not only helps to backup our files it also removes the unwanted pre-installed apps.


Viper4Android is an app which allows you to modify audio controls and have a complete control over that, which you don’t have in unrooted android smartphone.It comes with bunch of audio effects with it’s own audio driver.


Dumpster is an app which acts like a recycle bin.This helps to restore the deleted files back in your smartphone.It supports various file formats such as audio, video and other type of document files.This app can also work on unrooted smartphones but rooted smartphones have more access to the app and also increases the performance.


Link2SD is really a great app which helps us to move the apps from phone storage to SD card.In android smartphone by default the new apps which we download will get installed in the phone memory, we cannot move all the apps to the SD card from phone memory.So this app will create a link and makes your smartphone to believe that the app is running in phone storage, even after moving it to SD card.

7.ROM Toolbox:

The ROM toolbox will allow you to customize your android device by helping to download the ROM’s directly.It is packed with great features such as a file browser with root access, font installer, performance tweaks and much more.You can even change boot animations, themes and default icons.It does not support all the android devices.

8.Adblock plus:

If you are the one who hate ads popping up in apps, then this app is for you.Most of the apps display normal ads and pop up ads while using the app, which is the most annoying thing.Adblock plus app will block the ads displaying and allows you to use the apps ad free.


If your android device is running on Kit Kat or Lollipop, then you might have hit with locked-down SD card problem without no reason.This problem will put on some restrictions in file manager that does not allow you to copy or move files.SDFix will help you to overcome this problem and makes your SD card work asusual.


The apps which runs in background when the screen is off would swallow more power and drains your smartphone battery much faster.The Servicely app will stop all the unwanted background apps or the apps which you wish to stop running and thus increases battery life.This is not a free one but worth buying.


One of the more powerful app available for rooted android devices which converts any task in to automated one.It even works on non rooted android smartphones but rooted devices will have access to more features.You can set it to perform tasks such as automatically turning on wi-fi when you launch the browser or to play music when you plugin your headphones and so on.Starting from these simple tasks you can perform any complicated tasks with Tasker.


With the help of Flashify you can flash files without any custom recovery.You can flash custom ROM’s, zip files with Flashify.You just need to select the app which has to get flashed, the app will flash the file to your device.With Flashify you can download custom ROM, zip files, can do nandroid backups.


SuperSU is one the best app for rooted devices, it acts as a root manager to allow super user access to the apps.The apps which tries to access system will ask permissions through SuperSU.You can grant or deny the root access of the app.

Hence, these are some of the best apps for rooted android device by which you can perform various tasks easily.

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