Best Google Adsense Alternatives in 2016

Google Adsense is the most popular Ad network to monetize your blog.I have already shared a post about how to get Google Adsense approval for a blog but getting approved by Adsense is not an easy process nowadays, most probably every newbie bloggers dream is to monetize their site with Google Ads.

But most of the new blogs would get rejected and newbie bloggers think that there is no other way to monetize their blog and lose their hope.It is not that you cannot earn without Adsense, there are many other best Google Adsense alternatives which pay you higher rates.So don’t lose your hope and start monetizing your site with any of these Ad networks.If you have a very good traffic you can earn as much as you can.

google adsense alternatives


Infolinks is one the best Google Adsense alternatives which helps you to monetize your site without annoying the users.It does not require extra space to show ads on your site, it utilizes the content text to show ads.When user hovers a paticular word an Ad popup will appear.It also has various types of Ad formats such as In-text, In-fold, In-frame and  In-tag ads.

It doesn’t have strict rules as Google Adsense and even no need any privacy policies.You can simply use their plugin to configure your ads.It normally takes 2-3 days go get your application accepted.


Chitika is the next high paying and best recommended Google Adsense alternatives.It displays the ads according to your content and you can even choose the ads color which suits your blog style.It has local ads, mobile ads and search targeted ad types.The approval process is very easy, you need not to wait, you will get approved while signing up itself and you can start showing the ads on your site from next minute.


Adversal is also a good alternative for Google Adsense, the only requirement from Adversal is that you blog must have 50,000 page views per month.If you have required amount of page views you can apply for this, the approval process may take 2-3 days.They will pay you at the end of the month with minimum payout of $20. is a contextual ad network by Yahoo and Bing which are also responsive.It shows Ads similar to Google Adsense with high paying options, if you have a content rich blog then you will get approved easily.The minimum payout is $100 and payment methods are through paypal and wire transfer.


Viglink is not like other Ad networks, it works as a affiliate sales.The Ad links which are provided by Viglink will act as affiliate links.If you have a enough traffic for your blog then you will earn good commission from their affiliate links.

If you wish to have some change from normal Ads then you can try Viglink and can decent money.


AdEngage is a advertising network for publishers to sell ads directly.It has weekly based ads and CPC ads.The minimum traffic required to apply for AdEngage is 1000 page views per day.The minimum payout is $50 made through paypal, check and wire transfer.


RevenurHits is also a good Ad network which helps their publishers to generate more revenue.Use these ads for minimum of two weeks to see good results.They offer banner ads, pop ups and button ads.The minimum payout is $20 made through paypal or payoneer.

So these are the good Google Adsense alternatives to monetize your blog and to generate a decent income.

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