Blog key on a keyboard.

Blog is a website where there will be regular updates and or a pages.The person who is doing that is known as blogger and so the whole thing is known as blogging.

So how to start a blog?What are the requirements?

  • Domain name
  • Hosting
  • Blogging platform

Let’s start a new blog

Domain name:

So let’s start from here.Domain name is an identity for your site which gives a separate identity for your website.So choose your domain name based on the topic your are going to blog in your website or just start a blog with your name.The most common extensions used in the internet are .com .org .net .in but the most standard and popular extension is .com because it is common extension which most of the people will search for and this can be accessed globally.

Where to get a domain name?

Most of the hosting sites will provide you the domain name and some sites will provide you a free domain on buying hosting from them.Based on the extensions you are choosing the price of the domain will differ.So the most familiar site for getting your domain is  GoDaddy where you can get a domain for Rs.99,note that this price is only for 1st year,on your further renewals the pricing will differ.

If you are still confused on choosing your Domain name?Select here namemesh


Hosting is a service which provides a space for your websites on the internet.It puts your sites on the internet.So without web hosting the other people will not be able to see your site on the internet.It stores all your files and the information about the website.Your website will be accessed only through the hosting.There are so many hosting service providers which provide hosting for different price,some of the popular websites for hosting are Hostgator,Bluehost and Dreamhost.

Click here to check about the hosting providers.

Blogging platform:

Many of you will be thinking that without knowing a programming language how to design a website.So here the blogging platforms will take place,without knowing a single line of programming or coding you can easily develop a website with the help oh blogging platforms.The most common Blogging platforms are WordPress and Blogger.These platforms will allow you to create a blog or a website in minutes just by choosing themes.Wordpress contains some hundreds of themes which you can use it for free.

So after selecting your platform the next thing is to sketch the plan about the topic on which you are going to blog.The blog may contain anything such as text,images,videos etc.

Now start to write about the topic which you decided already,write everything what you know about the topic.Don’t use much complicated words which would be somewhat tough to be understood by the people,use daily usage words so that people can easily understand the content what you are trying to express to them.If you are writing static content then make us of the pages to write or else use post to update the blog frequently on daily happenings.

Try to update your blog twice a week or atleast once a week about the latest things.Don’t take much gap to update the blog.Once you have done it publish the page and see your content depth and how it looks.If you are satisfied with the work then go ahead.Next thing you want to do is you have to attract the users to read your content for that the important thing is your blog layout.Make use of social sites such as Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest to increase the visitors for your blog.

After the increase of the visitors the next thing you want to do is you have to apply for Google Adsense.After your request has been received by them they will analyse the traffic of your site and what is the content your site holds,they will not appreciate the sites which contains the illegal contents.If you are upto the mark then they will provides you the advertisements to post on your site.You have to just copy the code given to you and have to paste it in your site.Whenever the visitors click on the ad posted in your page you will be paid for a click.