How To Buy A Domain Name And Hosting: A Step-by-Step Guide

Most of you might have a plan to start a blog or website but don’t know how to buy a domain and hosting for your blog.So here is a complete guide for you.Don’t worry it’s not a complicated thing.Just follow these simple steps and complete your order.

Buy Domain and Hosting:


Domain name is a unique identity and thus gives a separate address for your blog.It helps people to reach you.If you are confused in choosing a domain name, try namemesh.

You can register your domain with GoDaddy, one of the most popular Domain name registrar which provides you a Domain for ₹ 99 for 1st year.

Go to GoDaddy and enter the domain name in the search bar and find whether the domain is available.Choose .com since it is one of the top level domains which is used widely and also easy to remember.


If the domain you entered is available then click continue to cart option.GoDaddy suggests you some of the add-ons in the next screen.Make sure to unselect all if anything is included by default and proceed further.

Confirm your domain and proceed to checkout.Here you have to fill the details such as name, address and so on.

Check all your details twice before making the payment especially email address because billing details will be sent to your email.Also, think about the domain name because once the domain name has been registered it can’t be changed.

That’s it you have successfully registered your domain.The next step is to buy Web Hosting.GoDaddy is not good for hosting so you can go with either HostGator or Bluehost.


Hosting put’s your blog/site on the internet so that others can see your site.It is a place for your site on the internet.There are various hosting providers which offer you hosting for different prices.I would recommend you to go with popular hosting providers by spending some extra penny.

Here I am using HostGator India to explain you the process.

HostGator has three different hosting plans,

  • Hatchling plan
  • Baby plan
  • Business plan


Hatchling plan allows you to host only one website while the other two plans allow you to host multiple sites.So it is better to go with Baby plan, which might be helpful for you to host more sites in future.Also, go with yearly plans because you will get a huge discount only on your first purchase.

Once you have selected the plan, a pop-up appears asking Do you already have a domain, click yes and enter the domain name that you have purchased from GoDaddy. Uncheck the SiteLock and CodeGuard add-ons that are added default by HostGator.For now, these are not necessary.


View your order details and click continue and then click create new account.Fill in the details and complete your purchase.

Your Domain and hosting are ready.

Since you have bought a domain and hosting from different sites you have to set up the Name servers.Name servers will point your domain to the actual location of the website.If you buy a domain and hosting from the same provider then no need to change the name servers.To change Nameservers

Login to your HostGator account and hover over Manage orders and select list/search orders.


It will show you the domain name, just click on the domain name.

Now you can see an option called Name Server details.Click on that and copy the Name Servers from there.


Now go to your GoDaddy account and click Manage button present under Domains.


From there click on the domain that you have registered. Now it will display you the settings tab.You can find Nameservers option there, click Manage present near Name servers option.

A pop-up appears displaying Nameserver settings, choose Custom option and click Add Nameserver button, now paste the Name servers that you have copied from HostGator and finally hit save.

That’s it you have successfully bought a domain and hosting.

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