How To Enable Copy & Paste Feature In Command Prompt

One of the most useful feature in Windows is copy paste feature.This copy paste feature helps us to make our work faster and easier especially when we are working with documents.Instead of typing the same line or sentence again we can simply copy and paste the sentence where ever we need.This saves our time and helps to do our work faster.When you are working with Command Prompt you won’t be able to use copy paste feature, when you use keyboard shortcut Ctrl+C for copying, instead of copying it might end up in different results.So here is a method to enable copy & paste feature in command prompt to make yourself a power user.Follow these simple steps to enable these features.

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Enable Copy & Paste Feature In CMD:

1.Open Command Prompt with administrator access.

2.Now right click on the Command Prompt’s title bar and select properties option.

3.The property window gets opened, in that select options tab.

4.Under the options tab you have to check Quick Edit Mode and Enable Ctrl key shortcuts and finally click OK.

In some versions the settings will vary.

In Command Prompt properties window there will be an additional tab called experimental. If you found such tab then follow these steps.

1.Select experimental tab in Command Prompt properties window.

2.Under experimental tab you have to select two options named Enable experimental console features (applies globally) and Enable new Ctrl key shortcuts and click OK.

These changes will make the command prompt to enable copy paste option.These options will help command prompt to recognize the use of Ctrl option.Now you can use keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy & paste in Command Prompt.

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