How To Get Android O Like Notification Dots On Any Android

Android is the best mobile operating system which allows us to do lots of customizations and tweaks.Android O, which is the next version of Android has a bunch of new features.One of the amazing features in Android O is the Notification Dots.Whenever you receive any notifications a dot will appear on the app, long press on that displays the notification details.If you own a Google pixel or Nexus devices then you can enroll your device in Android O Beta program to experience the new features of Android O.

But if you don’t have any of these devices then you have to wait for few more months to get Android O update on all other Android smartphones.If you want this feature right now on your device without any waiting, these follow these simple steps to get Android O like notification dots on any Android.

Download And Install Nova Launcher Prime:

The first thing you have to do is that you have to download and install the Nova Launcher Prime on your Android smartphone.Most of you might be familiar with the Nova launcher, which is one of the best launchers available for Android.The Nova Launcher which is light and easy to use has many options to customize our smartphone looks as we need.Now you can experience the Notification Dots feature on any Android with Nova Launcher.Although there is a free version, you have to download the paid one to get this feature.

Since the Notification Dots feature is in beta phase you have to install the beta version of the Nova Launcher.To download the beta version you have to enroll yourself as a beta tester.Click here and log in with your Google account and click on Become A Tester.

After enrolling you will receive an update for the Beta version of Nova Launcher, just install it.

After installing, go to Nova Launcher settings and tap on Notification badges option.

Under the Notification badges select Dots options.

That’s it you have enabled the Android O like Notification Dots feature.Now, whenever you receive any notifications you will see a Dot on the application.In addition to this, you can even customize the size of the Dot and the position.But the long press feature to show the notifications or messages is not working yet.So you have to wait for few more days to get this feature.

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