How To Hide Secret Files and Folders Inside The Calculator On Android

Android is one of the best platforms with tons of features and customization options.We can perform almost everything with the help of our Android smartphone nowadays.We all have some important and secret files in our smartphone which we wish to hide from others while giving our smartphone to them.There are few methods by which you can hide important files and folders in your smartphone so that others who are using your smartphone cannot access those secret files.But do you know that we can hide secret files and folders inside the calculator on Android smartphone.

Yes, we can do that with the help of an app called “Smart Hide Calculator”, this is a fully functional calculator.By using this app you can Hide and Unhide the secret files and folders.Others who are using your smartphone can only see the calculator unless you reveal the secret to them.If you have a rooted smartphone then you can have access to some extra features in this app. Here is a step by step process to hide secret files and folders inside the calculator on Android.

Hide Secret Files and Folders Inside The Calculator On Android:

1.The first step is to download and install an app called Smart Hide Calculator from Google Play.

2.After installing the app, open it.Now it will ask you to set up the password, which you will be using to hide/unhide the files and folders.


3.Once the password is set, you will see a fully functional calculator as the image below with which you can perform mathematical calculations.


4.To hide secret files and folders inside the calculator, you should enter the password and should tap on “=”.


5.Now you could see options called Hide files and Unhide files.The Freeze Apps and Un-Freeze Apps options are available for rooted smartphones.


6.To hide your secret files or folders, just tap on hide files option and select the files which you wish to hide and click OK.That’s it your files will be hidden inside the calculator.

To unhide the files, just go to the vault and tap on Unhide files option.

By using this Smart Hide Calculator app you can easily hide your secret & important files from others.Hope this method helps you.

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