How To Disable Ads In MIUI – A Complete Guide

Xiaomi’s custom ROM MIUI is one of the most popular custom ROM’s available. It comes with loads of customization options and features, making it one of the most favorite custom ROM’s.  If you are using a Xiaomi smartphone, you can notice ads everywhere, especially in System apps. This is because Xiaomi earns profit mainly through software tie-ups, hence Xiaomi devices are priced lower. But most of us don’t like ads popping up each and every time when an app gets opened. This might be annoying at times, so here is a complete step-by-step guide to disable ads in MIUI.

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Disable ads in MIUI:

Authorization & revocation:

Disabling this option will reduce the system ads which are shown mostly in pre-loaded system apps and in some widgets. You should be logged-in into your Mi account to do this change.

1.Go to System Settings.

2.Now tap Additional settings -> Authorization & revocation.


3.Now scroll down and disable msa.



4.A popup will appear, simply tap on Revoke. When you are disabling this for the first time, you might see an error message showing “couldn’t revoke authorization”. Don’t worry, simply try disabling msa twice or thrice, it will get disabled.

After disabling ads on your device, you can even disable personalized ad recommendations option. By using this the brand will track your mobile usage activities and data to decide what kinds of ads must be shown to you. So disabling this will stop the brand from tracking your usage pattern to show personalized ads.

To disable ad tracking:

1.Open system settings.

2.Go to Additional Settings->Privacy->Ad services.


3.Now disable Personalized ad recommendations.


Although we have disabled system ads, some Xiaomi apps such as Mi Music, Downloads etc might still display ads. To completely disable ads in MIUI, we should disable ads in each app manually. To do this just follow the below-mentioned steps.

Remove ads in Mi browser:

1.Open Mi Browser.

2.Tap the three lines at the bottom right corner of the browser and select settings.

3.Now scroll down and select Advanced->Top sites order.


4.Disable the Receive recommendations option.



Remove ads in Mi File Explorer:

1.Open Mi File Explorer.

2.Go to settings by tapping the three vertical lines on the top left.

3.In the settings menu select About.

4.Now disable Recommendations.



Remove ads in the Downloads app:

1.Open Mi downloads app.

2.Go to settings by tapping the three dots on the top right.

3.Now disable Show recommended content. A pop up will appear, simply tap ok.

Remove ads in Mi Music app:

1.Open Mi Music app.

2.Go to Settings.

3.Now tap Advanced settings option.

4.Now disable Receive recommendations.


Remove ads in MIUI Security App:

1.Open MIUI security app.

2.Go to settings.


3.Now disable Receive recommendations option.


Remove ads in App Folders:

These ads are not only limited to System apps, but they are also shown in app folders in the form of Promoted apps. In order to disable these ads just open the app folder and tap the folders name. You could see an option called Promoted apps, simply disable that.


That’s it, you have successfully disabled ads in your Xiaomi device. Now you can experience an add free MIUI.

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