How To Download YouTube Videos Using VLC

Most of you might be knowing many ways to download YouTube videos.We mostly use third party softwares or apps to download YouTube videos, but here is a simple method by which we can download YouTube videos using VLC media player.Most of you might be familiar with this media player.One of the popular cross platform media player which plays almost all types of audio and videos format files.

By using VLC media player we can download YouTube videos easily with these simple steps.For this we no need any other software.Just follow these step by step process.

Download YouTube Videos Using VLC Media Player:

1.Go to YouTube and open the video which you wish to download.Now copy the URL of that video from the browser’s address bar.


2.Launch VLC media player and go to media option, in the list you can find Open Capture Device option.Click on that.


3.Now Open Media window will get opened, click on network tab and paste the URL of the video in that which you have copied from browser’s address bar and click play.

4.Now the YouTube video will start playing in VLC media player.Head over to tools option and click on Codec Information.


5.Current Media Information window will get opened now, click on codec tab.In that window you can see location option containing link, copy that link.

6.After copying that link go to your browser and paste the copied link in the address bar and press enter.The video starts playing in the browser, just right click on that and select save as option to download the video in a selected folder.Sometimes save as option might appear automatically when you paste the URL and hit enter.

That’s it you have downloaded the video successfully.

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