How To Find Wi-Fi Passwords Of All Connected Networks Using CMD

Nowadays a Wi-Fi router and the internet connection has become a very important thing among people.Because the internet helps us to complete various tasks using a smartphone, PC/Laptop.We may connect to various Wi-Fi networks and hence it is not an easy task to remember the Wi-Fi passwords of all connected networks.So here is a simple method to find Wi-Fi passwords all connected networks using CMD.

Whenever you connect to the Wi-Fi network and enter the password, for each Wi-Fi network you are connecting you are actually creating a new WLAN profile of that network.The WLAN profile along with the all other required details will get stored on your PC/Laptop.In this article, I’ll teach you how to find the password of all connected networks using Command Prompt instead of using Windows GUI.Using command prompt is one of the easiest ways to find Wi-Fi passwords of all connected networks.Not only this, we can perform many other functions using CMD.

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Find Wi-Fi Passwords Of All Connected Networks:

1.Search cmd and open command prompt with administrator privileges.

2.To find the profiles of the networks that you were connected, you have to type the following command netsh wlan show profile.

find wi-fi passwords of all connected networks using cmd

3.Now it will display you all the Wi-Fi networks(user profiles) that you have used to get connected.

4. Now you have to type the command given below to find out the password of the particular network which you wish to know.

netsh wlan show profile WiFi-name key=clear

(for example: if the Wi-Fi name is xyz then the command will be netsh wlan show profile xyz key=clear)

5.It will display you the options as shown in the screenshot below.In that, you can see key content option displaying the network password under security settings.

That’s it by this way you can find the passwords of all connected networks easily.

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How to turn on mac randomization on windows 10:

1.Go to settings and click on Network & Internet option.

2.Under network and internet option select Wi-Fi from left pane and choose advanced options.

3.Now turn on Random hardware address.That’s it you are done.If your wireless hardware does not support this feature then this option will not be there in settings.

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