How To Fix Corrupted SD Card – 4 Ways

SD cards are very useful to store data when we ran out of space on our smartphones.Since they are small in size and lightweight they are easily portable.Not only in smartphones we can also use them in Tablets, cameras etc.Sometimes SD cards might become inaccessible or corrupted due to various reasons.It would be a nightmare if we face such kind of situation because we may not be able to access the data stored in it and sometimes the data will get vanished permanently.So here are four methods on how to fix corrupted SD card.However, there is no guarantee that we can get back our files completely from corrupted SD card.

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How To Fix Corrupted SD Card:

1.By Changing The Device:

Try to connect your SD card to another device. Because some devices might not be able to read an SD card due to some internal problems and could show an error. So connect your SD to another computer and check whether the SD is accessible if it works then SD card is not compatible with your device. In most cases, this method works fine.

2.By Using Command Prompt:

Connect the SD card to your PC using the card reader.Then open My Computer and check the drive letter assigned to the SD card.

Now open the command prompt by granting administrator privilege.

Type the following command chkdsk SD card drive letter: /f. For example, if your drive letter is H then the command will be chkdsk H: /f

how to fix corrupted sd card

After typing the command click enter, it will check for the errors and try to fix those errors. It would take a few minutes to complete the process. If you see a message displaying “Windows has made corrections to the file system” then your SD card has been fixed.

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3.Assign Drive Letter:

Sometimes your PC might not be able to assign a drive letter to the connected storage devices. Due to this the SD card and the files in it cannot be accessed. So this could be fixed by assigning the drive letter or by changing the drive letter to the storage device.

Connect the SD card to your PC using the Card reader.

Now right click on This PC/My Computer and select Manage option.

Under Manage select Disk Management present in the left pane.

It will show you the drives available on your PC. Just right-click on your SD card and choose Change Drive Letter and Paths.Now click the drive letter and click change.

Select a drive letter from the drop-down list and click OK. Now go back to My Computer and check whether your SD card is accessible.

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4.Format The SD Card:

If your SD card doesn’t contain any important data or if you have a copy of that then formatting the SD card would be a better option to fix it.

Go to My Computer and right-click on SD card drive.

Select a format option. a pop-up window appears. In that uncheck Quick Format option and click start.

Once the formatting process is over, go back and check your SD card.

These are the four methods on how to fix corrupted SD card. By using any one of these methods we can fix our SD card.

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