How To Fix ‘This copy of Windows is not genuine’ Error

The error message ‘This copy of windows is not genuine’ in Windows 7 is most annoying thing among the Windows users.The error may be due to the expired license or the copy of windows is not the genuine one or due to update of windows.When you start up your pc or laptop the first thing which splashes your eye is this error.You are using genuine copy of windows but still the problem persists, then this post might help you to fix the error.

It is important to fix this error because the small error which flaunts on the screen will reduce the overall performance of the system.You will not be able to change the wallpaper, it remains black and also you may not be able to access all the system settingsĀ until you fix this error message.This will be somewhat irritating so here is a method to fix this error and make your windows a genuine one permanently.Follow the simple steps explained in step by step process.

How to fix this copy of Windows is not genuine

How to fix ‘This copy of Windows is not genuine’ error using command prompt:

1.Open start menu and type cmd in search bar.In search results you can see cmd, right click on cmd and select Run as administrator.Make sure to run as administrator, unless you run as administrator it doesn’t work.

2.The command prompt window will appear.Type SLMGR -REARM and hit enter.

3.Now the pop up window appears displaying Command completed successfully.

this copy of windows is not genuine

4.Restart your computer so that the changes may take effect.After restarting you will not be able to see this error.

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Alternate method:

As i told earlier the error ‘This copy of windows is not genuine’ may also appear due to the update of windows.Most common the system settings will be set to Automatic download and install updates.This option allows Windows to search for updates and install it automatically.So in such case the automatic update of windows also results in such type of error.So it is better to disable automatic update option to get rid of this error permanently.Here is a method to fix this

1.Go to start menu and choose Control panel option

2.In the control panel window choose Windows Update option.

3.In order to open the installed Windows updates click on the view installed updates option.

4.You can see an update for Windows KB971033.

5.Select that and uninstall.

Once you have completed this process restart your computer.Without restarting the computer the changes would not take effect.After restarting the error will get fixed.Now you can personalise your system wallpaper and other system settings.If you enable your system settings to automatic updates then the error message may appear again.

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