How To Get Google AdSense Approval For A New Blog

Google Adsense is one of the best way to monetize your site.Almost every new blogger dream is to get Google Adsense approval for their blog.If you are in India then your Blog/Website must be atleast 6 months old before applying for Google Adsense.Most of the new blogs would get rejected by Google if they do not comply with Google Adsense policies or requirements.

Nowadays Google Adsense approval process has become some what strict when compared to previous days.Most common reasons for rejection will be insufficient content or does not comply with Adsense policies.Some people have 100+ posts but gets rejected by Adsense and people with 40+ posts enjoy with Adsense.So here is complete guide on how to do some little changes to your blog and get Google Adsense approved.Check these things and change your blog according to the Adsense requirements.

google adsense approval

1.Age and Gmail account:

Almost everybody would have Gmail account, if not you can create one because you must apply Google Adsense with your Gmail account only.You must be 18 years old to apply for Adsense, who are less than 18 years are not allowed to apply for Adsense.While signing up for Adsense give the exact details as you given while creating your Gmail account, this helps the Google to verify your age and other details and also all the information about your Adsense will be mailed to your account.

2.Contact and Privacy Policy:

Before applying for Adsense include a contact page.By using this contact form the users can contact you, this indicates the Google how much value you are giving to your users.You can use contact form plugin to create a contact page.It is also good to add an about page, by which the users may know about you and what your blog/website is about.

Next you have to create a Privacy Policy for your website, there are various online policy generators by which you can create one for your website for free.You can get Privacy Policy for your website here.Just copy that and paste in your site.


You must focus on Quality and Unique content.You must create a content which must be unique and must be useful for the users.The content length must be minimum 500 words, if not it is must be atleast above 350 words.Try to develop a content as much as you can.Update the content regularly (4 or 5 posts per week).

Develop a content on your own, you must not copy paste the content from other blogs, it will be treated as copyrighted one you will never get Google Adsense approval until you remove such type of content from your site.Even you should not use images or videos from other blog/website, which will also violate Adsense content policy.It is not necessary to have 100+ posts because some people have 100+ posts but gets rejected by Adsense and people with 40+ posts enjoy with Adsense.The reason may be it does not comply with Adsense policies or does not have quality content.So 40+ posts with quality content is a key.

4.Blog Design:

Blog design is the important for any blog/Website.If you are a WordPress user then you can get hundreds of free themes, you have to choose the best themes which gives a very good user experience and clear navigation.The users should find the content clearly what they are searching for.Always choose a simple and elegant layout instead of using dark bright colors.White background will always looks better.

If you have any other Ad networks on your blog remove them before applying for Adsense, once you got Google Adsense approval you can place them back.So these are the simple steps you need to follow to get Google Adsense approval for a new blog/website.

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