How To Hack Any Android Game In Your Smartphone

We all would surely love to play games in our android smartphone and also there might be favorite game for each one of us.The worst and irritating part is running out of resources while playing games, it may be lives, coins, weapons and so on.We want to wait for hours or even days to get back our resources which most of us would not like to wait for that much time, so here is a simple trick on how to hack android game easily.By using this method we can easily increase or decrease lives, coins, weapons and much more according to the game.


Rooted Android Smartphone

GameCIH App

If your smartphone is not rooted, just root your smartphone before proceeding this process because the app which we are going to use here will only work with the rooted android smartphones.

How To Hack Android Game:

1.Download, install and open the GameCIH app in your smartphone.Now the app will ask you to grant superuser access, just grant it.This option will work only if you have rooted your android device properly, if not the app may misbehave or might not work properly.

2.Once you grant the superuser access the app will get opened as seen in the below picture, select Hot-key option and choose any of the desired option from that.

how to hack android game

3.The next step is to open the android game which you want to hack, after that just pause the game to access the hot keys displaying there.

4.I will show you by taking subway surfers as example, when you pause the game you could see a small rectangular box on top.Now choose the options which you want to modify such as keys, coins etc.Here i have chosen keys to modify.

how to hack android game

5.After choosing tap on search from the top rectangular box as shown in the above picture to modify the options.The next screen will look like the below picture.

how to hack android game

6.So in order to modify the keys i am selecting input number option.Now a screen appears asking you to input the number, enter the number of keys present now.Since i have 3 keys i am entering it as 3.

how to hack android game

7.After entering the number click OK and come back to the game.You have to use the available keys to make it as 0, to do this repeat 5th, 6th and 7th steps.Once all the keys have been used the input number screen will look like the below picture.

how to hack android game

8.Click on the option present on the input number screen, a pop up appears asking you to enter the number.Now enter the number of keys according to your need as shown in the below picture and click modify.

how to hack android game

9.After modifying the value go back to the game and check the keys, you could see a change in the number of keys.

how to hack android game

That’s it you have done.Like this you can hack any of the android game which you wish to do so.This is one of the easiest method on how to hack android game.Use the same steps mentioned above to hack any game.

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