How To Install Remix OS On Your PC

Most of us will be using various kinds of emulators to run android apps on our desktops.These kind of emulators will only allow you to run android apps but it will not have the whole android interface.So do you feel bored by using such kind of emulators?If so then here is a perfect alternative for you called Remix OS, by which you can bring the whole android atmosphere on your desktop.This will allow you to perform the actions what android smartphone does.Are you ready to try this, then follow this step by step guide on how to install Remix Os on PC.


  • 8GB USB drive (FAT32 format) with writing speed of 20MB/s
  • 64-bit CPU

How To Install Remix OS On PC:

Remix OS Download Link

1.Download Remix OS toolkit from the above given link.Choose Remix OS for PC Package(Legacy) which suits for most of the PC’s.

2.Insert the pendrive in your computer’s port and format it by selecting FAT32 format.Because Remix OS requires FAT32 format to work with.

3.Now open the folder where you have downloaded the Remix OS toolkit and unzip the files in to separate folder.After unzipping the zipped files run the Remix OS USB Tool.

how to install remix os on pc

4.Now the Remix OS USB Tool will ask you to choose the ISO file.Click browse and choose the ISO file from the folder where you have unzipped or extracted the files.After selecting the file choose the USB disk and click ok.The Remix OS files will get copied to your pendrive and also converts it to bootable drive.

how to install remix os on pc

5.After the process, reboot your system and go to Boot menu.Select the USB drive from the boot menu.

how to install remix os on pc

6.Now it will show a screen with two options such as Guest mode and Resident mode.Select the Guest mode.

how to install remix os on pc

7.The Remix OS will get installed and displays the screen where you have to select the language.Select the preferred language and click next.Now it will display the user agreement screen, simply tap next and start.

how to install remix os on pc

That’s it you have successfully installed Remix OS on your computer.Now you can enjoy the things on your computer which your android smartphone performs.You can use any kind of android applications and many more cool things on your PC.

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