How To Make Your Android Smartphone Battery Last Longer

Smartphones has become an important thing nowadays, we use it for various purposes.Most of us in common use it for surfing social media to find some trending and important stuff or to chat with our friends.Continuous usage of smartphones will lead to decrease of battery life and also we cannot carry our charger with us always.Even though the smartphones are coming with huge batteries nowadays which could last up to one day or even more with mixed usage, we still feel that it would be better if it stay alive for few more hours.So other than battery there are few things to care which helps to make android battery last longer.

1.Turn On Battery Saver Mode:

This feature might not be in all smartphones, but if your smartphone has Battery saver mode then just turn on it.This will extend battery life to some more time when the battery level reaches particular point.This feature can be mostly found in Samsung, HTC and Motorola smartphones.If you own any of these smartphones then you go with that and also if your device is running on Android 5.0 Lollipop then it has an inbuilt power saver mode which extends battery life to 90 more minutes.

2.Trash The Widgets and Apps:

Every one of us want to make our smartphone home screen look better, we often use widgets to make a shortcut and to have access to particular apps.The widgets will look smarter and cool but these are also the main reason to drain battery.So remove the widgets which are unused or used rarely to save battery life.

Also uninstall or disable the apps which are not used or rarely used.This will also free up some space which in turn increases your device performance.

3.Adjust Brightness:

Brightness is also the important reason to swallow the battery, more brightness will consume more power.So lower the brightness to 50% or low to make android battery last longer.You can even adjust the screen timeout to 10 seconds which also helps to save little bit power.

4.Disable Inactive Connections:

Sometimes we might use Bluetooth,Wi-Fi, Mobile data and other connectivity options, we often keep them active even though the work has been over.These will consume more battery, whether you are connected or not they will keep on running in the background.So turn them off once your work has been over and also always turn off your mobile data if it is not needed.

5.Use Dark/Black Background:

Nowadays most of the smartphones comes with AMOLED displays, keeping colorful backgrounds will drain more power because colored backgrounds need higher pixels to display thus sucks more power.So in order to overcome this use Dark/Black backgrounds because dark backgrounds will not use pixels thus battery will not be consumed much.

6.Turn On Airplane Mode:

In general turning on Airplane mode in your smartphone will save you more battery.Turn this feature on when you are in location where the signal strength is very low because smartphones use more power when trying to get signal.Airplane mode will also let you to charge your mobile faster.

7.Turn off location:

Most of the android apps will get access to your location to provide real time data.GPS will also consume more power so you can turn off GPS when it is not necessary.If any of the app need your location then it will ask you to turn on GPS, in such cases use GPS.

8.Disable Vibrations:

Small vibrations which occurs when we use touch pad will feel good but at the same time that small vibrations will swallow huge amount of battery power so disabling it will help android battery to last longer.In addition to this disable the tones which you feel unnecessary.

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