How To Recover Deleted Facebook Messages and Photos

The Facebook is one of the most popular social media network which allows us to chat, share photos and videos etc.Most of us will have access to Facebook often to see what is trending or to just chat with our friends.Sometimes by unknowingly or due to some reasons you might have deleted your chat conversations and later you wish to recover them back but most of us don’t know how to recover them.Don’t worry here is a simple method by which you can recover deleted Facebook messages and photos.

Facebook has a wonderful option which allows you to get back the deleted Facebook data without using any software.The messages which are deleted by us are not deleted permanently, Facebook will have a copy of all our data so that we can easily recover the deleted Facebook messages and photos by using these simple steps and we can also access the deleted files whenever we need it.

Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

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Recover Deleted Facebook Messages and Photos

1.Login to your Facebook account and go to Settings page.

2.You can see General Account Settings option.You could see an option called Download a copy of your Facebook data at the bottom of the settings.

recover deleted facebook messages

3.Click on Download a Copy, you will be redirected to download page.Tap on Start My Archive, a pop up appears asking you for the confirmation.Simply tap Start My Archive again.

4.Once you have given that the Facebook will start collecting all your data.The collected data will be sent to your mail address which you are using for Facebook login purpose.

5.If you did not get the download confirmation email from Facebook within 10 mins, then the final email sent by Facebook will be having the direct download link of your data stating that Your Facebook Download is ready.

6.Just click on the link given by them and enter your password for account confirmation.Once you have entered your password the download process starts.

7.The downloaded file will be in Zipped format so use any of the unzipping software to unzip your data so that you can access the files.

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That’s it, you have recovered your deleted messages and photos and all other data.This is one of the easiest way to recover your deleted messages and photos from Facebook.So now you can save your data and access it whenever you need.

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