How To Use Android Smartphone As Mouse and Keyboard For Windows PC

Smartphones have become a part of our life, there are numerous things which can be done using our smartphones in our day to day life.Almost all over the world, the Android smartphones are used widely and also has tons of apps for various purposes.There are some awesome things which can be done using smartphones nowadays, same as that there is also a feature by which we can make our smartphone work as a virtual keyboard and mouse for Windows PC.

By using this method you can operate your PC from far instead of sitting in front of it.This method works over Wi-Fi network.Before starting this process you have to download the below mentioned applications.It will work only on Intel based systems.

Intel Remote Keyboard (Download this on your smartphone)

Intel Remote Keyboard Host (Download this in your PC)

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How to setup smartphone as mouse and keyboard?

1.Download and install the Intel Remote Keyboard on your Android smartphone

2.Now download and install the Intel Remote Keyboard Host on your Windows PC or laptop.Before downloading the software you need to choose whether your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit so that the software will be compatible with your system.If you are not sure about this, go to your system properties and check once.

3.After installing the application on both the devices go to your smartphone Wi-Fi connectivity option and choose your computer.You need to connect the devices through Wi-Fi network, so you have to make sure that the devices are getting connected to each other.

4.Now tap on the PC’s name in your smartphone.After tapping go to your computer screen.

5.Now your computer will show you a QR code, you have to scan this QR code with your smartphone’s camera.This is nothing but an authentication process between two devices in order to pair with each other.

6.That’s it your smartphone is ready to act as virtual keyboard and mouse for Windows PC.

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How to use?

how to use android smartphone as mouse and keyboard

Open Intel Remote Keyboard app on your smartphone.You can use this in both the portrait and in landscape mode based on your comfort.The keyboard looks as similar to your smartphone’s default keyboard, the extra addition of keys include four arrow keys, alt button, ctrl button, esc button and Windows button.In that, the upper space can be used as a mouse and lower part acts as a keyboard.You can see the operations of a mouse in the below picture.

how to use android smartphone as mouse and keyboard

This is how we can use our smartphone as mouse and keyboard but we cannot use it as same as the normal physical keyboard and mouse since it does not have all the features.If they include some of the missing features then this will be the awesome one.Hope this will help you.

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