How To Use Pendrive As RAM In Windows PC

RAM is nothing but Random Access Memory which is used to boost the performance of the PC.It is the temporary memory which is used while we perform some tasks in the computer.The memory space of each and every task will be stored in RAM till the specific task ends.When we are using single task the performance and speed will be flawless but in multitasking the performance will get down slowly ( in case of low RAM ).This memory is very important to boost speed and performance of the system.

Mostly the older pc’s will have 2GB RAM or even less than that.Using high RAM will automatically increase your system’s performance.But upgrading the RAM might cost little bit high.So here is a method to use pendrive as RAM i.e we can use pendrive as virtual memory.Using this virtual memory RAM we can increase the paging memory which results in the overall increase in system performance.The performance of the virtual RAM would not be same as the actual PC or Laptop RAM but it boosts system speed to maximum extent so that you can perform multitasking without any lagging.

How to use Pendrive as RAM?

Method 1:

1.Insert the Pendrive in any one your PC USB ports

2.Right click on My Computer and choose properties option

3.The properties window appears, in that choose Advanced system settings option in the left pane

4.Choose Advanced tab in the pop up window and click Settings under performance option

how to use pendrive as ram

5.Again a new pop up window appears, now select Advanced tab.Click change under virtual memory option.

how to use pendrive as ram

6.Now uncheck Automatically manage paging file size for all drives feature and select pendrive

how to use pendrive as ram

7.Enter your pendrive size in both the initial and maximum size boxes and click ok.Both the values should be same.While entering the size don’t enter the actual size of the pendrive.The total space available in my pendrive is 3839MB ( 4GB ) but i have used 3700MB.Always reduce your actual available space by 100 or 200MB and enter the remaining MB for smooth performance.

Restart your pc to use pendrive as a virtual RAM.Without restarting the changes would not take effect.

If you feel that the above method is difficult then you can follow the second method.

Method 2:

1.Insert the pendrive in any one of the ports

2.Choose pendrive and right click

3.Select properties and choose ReadyBoost tab

4.Select Use this device and reduce the actual pendrive size by 200MB.Here i have reduced to 3599MB from 3839MB ( almost 250MB ).

how to use pendrive as ram

5.Click apply.

Sometimes it may throw an error showing ‘your device cannot be used for readyboost’ in such case click test now button or just change the port.

If you no need your pendrive as a virtual RAM then revert back your system settings in to default by enablingĀ Automatically manage paging file size for all drives optionĀ in the first method.If you are using second method then you have to select Do not use this device option.

Note:Always eject the pendrive before unplugging it from pc after this process.Direct removal of device may damage the device or pc.

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