How To Schedule WhatsApp Messages On Android Smartphone

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app is used by almost every smartphone user nowadays.We can share text, images and other files through WhatsApp but sometimes you might have a taught that how it would be if WhatsApp has a feature to schedule messages.Because this feature would help lot of people to send wishes/greetings to their loved ones during special occasions at a particular time so that they may not forget/fail to wish them in uncommon situations.However, WhatsApp does not has this feature by inbuilt, but there are some apps which allow us to schedule the messages by date and time.You can even send messages to groups by scheduling.Here are two methods for rooted and unrooted smartphones to schedule WhatsApp messages.

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Schedule WhatsApp Messages On Android:

For unrooted android smartphones:

This method is for android smartphones which are not rooted.

1.First you need to download and install an app called Scheduler for WhatsApp from Google Play.

2.After installing, just launch the app and enable the accessibility settings by tapping on OK.If it does not pop out a message about accessibility settings then just go to your smartphone settings->Accessibility->Turn on WhatsApp scheduler.

3.On the next screen you could see (+) plus symbol on bottom right corner.Just click on that to schedule the messages.

4.On the next screen you should select a contact to whom you have to send message, you have to select time, frequency and finally you have to enter a message.After all these just tap create on top right corner.

That’s it your messages will get scheduled.Like this you can schedule WhatsApp messages on android to number of contacts or groups you wish.

For Rooted android smartphones:

This method works on rooted android smartphone.If you have not yet rooted your smartphone then here is a simple method to root your android device.

1.Download and install WhatsApp message scheduler lite app on your smartphone.

2.Launch the app, since you have rooted your smartphone it will ask you to grant Superuser permission.Permit superuser access for that app.To start scheduling the messages just click on the pencil icon present on the home screen.

3.Now you have to select the WhatsApp contact or the Group to which you wish to send a message.Then enter the message and set date and time.Finally hit the add button.

That’s it your messages will get scheduled.These are the two methods by which you can schedule WhatsApp messages on android smartphone easily.

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