Top 10 Uses Of OTG Cable That You Might Not know

USB OTG(On-The-Go) is a device which enables communication between two devices.You might have used OTG cable to transfer the data from your Android smartphone to USB drive or vice versa.Other than transferring the data we can do some amazing things with the OTG cable that you might not know.Here is the list of top 10 uses of OTG cable which would be very useful.

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Uses Of OTG Cable:

1.Charge Your Android smartphone with Another Smartphone:

This is one of the most useful features of OTG cable.The OTG cable helps you to charge your android smartphone with the other smartphone.When you connect the two smartphones the USB host will start charging automatically.The only thing is that the host smartphone needs bigger battery than the smartphone that is going to be charged.

2.Connect smartphone to a camera:

You can connect your smartphone to a camera with OTG cable.This would help you to free up some space in Camera to click some more photos.While travelling this might be helpful.

3.Connect As A Game Controller:

You can connect a game controller to your smartphone easily with the help of OTG cable.This would be helpful while playing racing games.Now a days most of the games comes with external controller support.

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4.Connect A Portable Hard Drive:

You can connect a Hard drive or other external storage device to your smartphone using OTG cable.Just plug the Drive to the port of the cable and start using it.

5.Connect USB Keyboard:

Typing the short messages is not a hard task in your smartphone.But what about when typing long emails, it is very hard to type a long emails with your android keyboard.In such situations the OTG cable will help you, you can connect a keyboard with your smartphone and just have to configure some of the android in-built settings for external controllers.

6.Connect USB Mouse:

This will be helpful in case your smartphone screen has been damaged or if there is any calibration issues.

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7.Connect A Microphone or Sound Card:

Connect a microphone or sound card to your smartphone with the OTG cable.If you feel that the in-build mic of your smartphone is not that much good for recordings then you can connect a professional microphone for high quality recordings.

8.Connect LAN Cable to Access Internet On Your Smartphone:

You can use the broadband internet connection directly in your smartphone with the OTG cable in case if you don’t have a Wi-Fi router.You just need a LAN to USB controller which helps you to connect the LAN.

9.Connect USB Fan And USB Light:

You can connect USB Fan and USB Light with your smartphone which works with the help of electric charge.You can even use the USB light to capture photos and videos in low light conditions.

10.Connect To A Printer:

You can connect the printer to your smartphone with OTG to print the documents directly from your smartphone.

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