3 Ways To Limit Your Mobile Data Consumption On Android

The usage of internet is increasing nowadays,as equal to this the data plans and price are also getting changed.There is also a vast change in unlimited data plans,although the data usage is unlimited we cannot surf the whole data at the normal speed nowadays, there will be trigger which cuts down your browsing speed.So everybody cannot opt for unlimited 3G data plans by paying higher rates.So here are few essential ways which helps you to limit data usage by 30-40% of the original data and also helps you to surf with normal speed (based on your internet plan) to some more days.

1.Facebook App:

Everybody will be having an access to facebook often or atleast once a week.It is known that facebook consumes lot of data to load the content, since it has huge amount of news feed such as images, videos to display it eats huge data.So to make easier it has introduced facebook lite version for 2G data users to compress the data usage and load faster but it also consumes some hundreds of MB.So lets make use of the Tinfoil for facebook, which displays the facebook site.You can also get notifications by using this as you get on official facebook app.Tinfoil reduces the data usage.

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2.Compress Pages In Chrome Browser:

Are you a chrome user?then follow this simple step to reduce the data consumption made by chrome.Open settings in chrome then go to Data saver, in that switch on the data saver, this lets the browser to compress the pages before loading.However, there will be slight decrease in speed but the data lasts longer than the regular consumption.By using this itself you can minimize your data consumption up to 30%.Have a look at the graph denoting your data usage.


3.Restrict Background Data:

Probably some of you may know about this option and how it works.You can restrict the background data to minimize the data consumption.This is nothing but automatic notifications,live widgets and automatic updates when the data is on.If the data is on but you are not making use of,it does not mean that data is not getting wasted,background running apps will swallow your data.So enable this option to lower the consumption.Tap settings then click data usage,you can find restrict background data.This option will surely make your data stay long.


Also remove the unwanted apps which seems to consume more data.Don’t let the smartphone to auto update the apps, change auto-update to manual.Only update the apps which you feel that the update is necessary. Hope these methods will help you.

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