6 Best Camera Apps For Android

Photography has became a very familiar and crazy thing among the smartphone users nowadays.Even though the smartphones are coming with high enhanced cameras and editing tools, we still search for an app to make our photography a realistic and professional one.We always need a better camera with tons of exciting features and editing options to make our photography a fantastic one.So here is a list of best camera apps for android to start your photography work.

Best camera apps for android

1.Camera360 Ultimate:

The Camera360 ultimate is one of the best camera apps available for android.It provides hundreds of filters and other editing options to make your photograph look stunning.The selfie lovers can enjoy with this app, it allows you to set live filters before taking a snap so that you can decide in which style your photo wants to be.You can tap anywhere on the screen to capture a photo and also includes other features like auto focus,real time blur,3D facials etc.

2.Google Camera:

The best alternative camera app with lots of editing features.It comes with a clean user interface and also easy to use with.You can capture high quality images even on low lighting with the help of its HDR feature.It includes other features such as lens blur,stitch photos and photo sphere which allows you to create 360 degree panoramic image.

3.VSCO Cam:

Do you have a habit of sharing photos after snapping and editing?If so, then this app is the right choice.It allows you to share your photos, provides lots of editing tools and effects to make your photograph more realistic.You can also create a photo album of all your photos as a single folder and can access them whenever you need.

4.Camera MX:

The Camera MX allows you to edit both the photos and videos with tons of editing tools and filters.The thing is that it has filters and options to make your photos look funny, if you wish to make your photo a stunning one then you might go for any of the above apps.Apart from basic editing and filters it has a special feature called ‘shoot the past’.This feature allows you to click a snap before tapping the capture button.It also has autofocus and color adjustments.


It is also one of the popular camera app for android and also most of you might be familiar with this app.While capturing photos itself you can apply live filters to make your photography a better one thus saving your time.It has hundreds of filters, image borders, stickers etc.After editing you can even share the photos directly to the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on.

6.Camera for Android:

It is the simple camera app with clean user interface, the users who need simple editing tools can opt for this.It does not have tons of features like other camera apps.It features coloe balance, countdown timer and other simple options.

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