6 Best Weather Apps For Android

Weather changes may sometimes occur at sudden from hot climate to a rainy one, during such kind of situations we may want to carry umbrella or jackets to protect us from rain since we don’t know when the climate gets changed.We may feel uncomfortable to carry these things with us always.So after the existence of android smartphones and increase in technology, weather apps have also become popular among the smartphone users with which we can find how the weather is going to be.So here is a list of some best weather apps by which we can find about the weather changes.

Best weather apps

Best Weather Apps:


Accuweather is a free and one of the best weather apps packed with the most useful information all you need about the weather.The app includes information with graphs, maps, radar, extended and hourly forecasts.It also comes with very good user interface with some complex navigation but not too tricky.

2.Google Now:

Google Now has packed with lot of features and with notifications on weather updates and alerts.It also comes with clean user interface, you might feel little bit hard to find and use all the features if you are new for this app.It displays the notifications on top.


WeatherBug has a pack of other features other than text information about the weather.Most of you might be familiar with this app since it is the most common weather app among the smartphone users.It comes with weather forecast, severe weather alerts.You can see live weather with the help of traffic cams feature equipped in it.This would be a nice choice if you need a change from simple text weather widgets.

4.The Weather Channel:

The Weather Channel app is also a popular weather app among android users, since it has been in existence for a long time.It is very simple and easy to use with bunch of features such as weather forecasts, current weather, radar, pollen and wind forecast.Other than these features it also has weather video clips to watch and get updated about present weather conditions.

5.Weather Underground:

Weather Underground gives you a accurate local weather forecasts with the help of thousands of weather stations.It comes with options such as current weather, radar, alerts and so on.It also got a sleeky and clean interface with lots of options hidden in it.You might become familiar with all the options in it on using it for twice or thrice.

6.Yahoo Weather:

Yahoo weather is also one of the cool weather app from yahoo with its simple design and changing backgrounds.It comes with weather forecasts, notifications on weather changes and so on, simple and easy to use for those who needs a simple app than complex one.

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