8 Amazing YouTube Tricks You Might Not Know

We all know that YouTube is one of the most popular and largest video streaming networks where we can find tons of videos to watch and enjoy.We also know all the general things and settings which we can do with YouTube but in spite of those things, there are some YouTube tricks which help us to surf YouTube like a pro.So here are some of the YouTube tricks to get most out of the YouTube.

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YouTube Tricks:

1.Download YouTube Videos Directly:

By just editing URL you can directly download YouTube videos online from the browser without using any software.Open any video which you wish to watch, now you have to add ss in front of YouTube in the URL of that video.

youtube tricks

After entering that just hit enter it will take you to the download page where you can select the format of the video to download.

2.Convert YouTube Videos In To GIF Format:

Open the video which you wish to convert and enter gif before YouTube in the URL, you will be taken to GIF maker.Select the length of GIF.

youtube tricks

3.Go Keyboard Mode:

Operate YouTube only with a keyboard instead of using mouse.Just type /leanback after YouTube URL.


youtube tricks

4.Watch Videos Without Logging In:

You have to login to YouTube to watch some of the restricted videos, if you don’t like to login then this URL trick will make you watch such videos without logging in.

Open the video and Replace “watch?v=” with “v/” in the URL and hit enter to watch videos without logging in.

youtube tricks

5.Start Video At A Specific Time:

Start a video from specific part or from a particular time just by adding #t=02m10s after the URL.It means that the video will start from 2 minutes and 10 seconds.

If you want to send embedded video link to others from particular point then right-click on the video and click copy video URL at the current time to send video link from that point.

youtube tricks

6.Watch Videos In Slow Motion:

youtube tricks

Go to settings and choose speed option to play the videos either in slow motion or faster than normal speed.

7.Use Keyboard Shortcuts:

Number 0 to start the video from the beginning.

Numbers from 1 to 9 to jump to the particular point.

space bar/k=play or pause.

side arrow/j=10 seconds back.

side arrow/l=forward 10 seconds.


8.Get Videos Of Particular Artist:

If you want the videos of a particular artist just type #artistname in the search bar and hit enter.It will show you the list of videos of that artist only.

youtube tricks

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