10 Awesome WhatsApp Tricks You Might Not Know

WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging app allows you to share text messages,pictures,audio and video files and also available for various mobile platforms.Everyone of us know the basic usage of Whatsapp and how to use it in common, apart from common known things here are some WhatsApp tricks which you should try.These are just for fun purpose and not sort of any hacking.

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whatsapp tricks

WhatsApp Tricks

1.Use WhatsApp Without Number:

You can use WhatsApp without your number that is you can use fake number, which is not in your mobile to activate the WhatsApp account by using these simple steps.

Uninstall your WhatsApp from your mobile.After uninstalling, download it again from the Playstore.

Now enable flight mode in your mobile to disable the network services.

Open WhatsApp and enter the fake number which you want to use.Since there is no network connection it will ask you to choose alternate method to verify your number.Select check through message option to enter your email address.Click send option and then click cancel without waiting.

Now you have to download and install spoof text in your mobile.You have to send message for false verification by using spoof app.

Go to your message outbox and copy the spoofed details to spoof app and send that for spoofed verification.

For spoofed message purpose use this details


From:+[country code][mobile number]

Message:email address

After this action your account gets activated.

2.Lock your WhatsApp:

Privacy has become an important thing nowadays.We wish to safeguard our private chats from others, this situation may come for everyone surely at one point.So in order to protect your conversations from spying eyes you need to lock your WhasApp account, for this purpose there is an app made for WhatsApp called WhatsApp lock.With this you can protect your account by using password.

3.Hide Last Seen Timestamp:

For privacy reasons or some other reasons you might not want to share your last seen timings on WhatsApp.So that others will not able to see when you were on WhatsApp recently.To hide your last seen timestamp, Go to settings->account->privacy->last seen.Here you can select nobody option to hide last seen.

4.Share Everything Such as PDF,ZIP,DOC,EXE files:

We all know that WhatsApp will only permit us to send pictures,audio and video files, rather than these files we cannot share any other extensions through WhatsApp.But there is an app called Cloudsend which allows us to send files like PDF, ZIP,DOC files through WhatsApp.

Other than Cloudsend, you can also use other app called Whats Packed 2 ads which also allows you to share any kind of other extensions via WhatsApp.The only thing is that this app should be on both the sender and receiver handsets.

5.Create Fake Conversation:

You can create a fake conversation with whom ever you want by using third party app called WhatSaid-WhatsApp prank.By using this app you can simply set the picture of the person as Dp with whom you want to create a fake chat and you can generate a conversations which looks like real chat.

6.Spy Your Friends Conversation:

You may think that this is a joke and it is not a possible thing to do.But it’s not a joke, you can spy the conversations of your friend whom you wish to.To do this just follow these simple steps.

Open the microSD card where you can find a folder named WhatsApp.Tap WhatsApp folder and go to Database option.

In the Database you can find two types of files, those files will be as


msgstore. db. crypt

Copy these files from your friends mobile and open it in simple text editor so that you can see the conversations of your friend.

7.Change Your Friends DP:

This is one of the awesome WhatsApp tricks to prank your friends by changing their profile picture.Follow these steps to make your friends panic

Choose a photo which you want to set as a profile picture for your friend.

Resize the photo to 561×561 pixel frame and save it with your friend’s number whom you want to set as Dp.

The photo should be saved in your microSD card->card WhatsApp->profile pictures.Overwrite the current file.

Disable your mobile data or WiFi, after sometime WhatsApp will automatically updates your friend’s profile pic.

8.Hide Two Images In One:

This is a cool trick where you can hide two images in one.First one being the beautiful one and second one being funny pic.When you share the photo it will show the beautiful image first, whoever clicks on that to download the second image appears.This can be done by using an app called Magiapp.

Download and install the app, you can see an interface something lie in the image on right.

Select True image option to set original image and select fake image option to set fake picture.

After selecting the photos tap Do magic! option and Voila! that’s it your image is ready to share.

9.Create Shortcuts For Important Chats:

You can create shortcuts to your homescreen to speed up the chatting with your most loved ones or with important persons.So by doing this you can access the conversation from homescreen with the specific person.

Just long press the chat or group which you want to create as shortcut, the pop up appears displaying Add conversation shortcut, tap this to add shortcut to homescreen.

If you are an iphone user then you can access this option by using third party app called 1TapWA.

10.Hide Your WhatsApp DP:

For any of the privacy reasons you may wish to hide your WhatsApp Dp.To hide the WhatsApp dp go to settings->Account privacy->profile photo.You can select any of the appearing options to hide your Dp based on your desire.

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