13 Best Google Chrome Extensions You Should Try

Google Chrome is undoubtedly the most popular and secure browser available across all the platforms.Almost everybody who uses the internet would be more familiar with the Chrome browser.It offers us with a lot of things that other browsers doesn’t.There are some awesome extensions available for Google Chrome which changes the way we use the chrome.These extensions make our work easier and help us to be more productive.So here is a list of best Google Chrome extensions which you should not miss.

Best Google Chrome Extensions:


LastPass is one of the most popular passwords manager extension available on Google Chrome.If you use a lot of accounts and find difficult to remember all the passwords then this LastPass extension is for you.It allows you to save files and passwords securely, when you need to login to the particular account, this extension fills your credentials automatically.So you don’t have to remember the passwords for your further logins, the only password which you have to remember after setting up this is your master password for the LastPass extension by which you will be accessing your LastPass.Apart from this it also suggests you the hints for setting up the strong passwords.


With the help of blur extension, you can secure your online transactions, prevent tracking and also you can manage your passwords.It acts as a guard to protect against online threats on Google Chrome.By using Blur you can create strong passwords, it also includes various options like auto-fill, masked cards etc.You can also sync your passwords across ios smartphone and PCs.Overall it is a complete protection for your online privacy.

3.Boomerang for Gmail:

Boomerang for Gmail extension allows you to schedule your Gmail emails.Scheduling the emails is one of the best features which we find very useful in most of the situations.If you feel that your inbox is full or you wish to receive all the emails at a particular time then you can pause the incoming emails for a particular time period.You could even snooze an email and set a reminder to read it later.


With the PusBullet you can manage all your smartphone notifications from your chrome screen.You just need to install a PushBullet app on your smartphone after adding an extension to your chrome browser.It will show you notifications, links, photos, messages etc as soon as you receive them on your smartphone.You can manage all these notifications using this PushBullet extension.You can even reply to your WhatsApp chats, send links, photos, or share files to other devices all from your chrome screen without going for your smartphone.

5.Adblock Plus:

It is also one of the best Google Chrome extensions available.A free and powerful Adblocker helps you to browse the web pages cleanly without any annoying ads which disturb you while browsing. This Adblock plus extension can block various kinds of ads such as overlay ads, animated ads, pop-under ads, pop-ups, video ads, expanding ads, Facebook ads and so on.However, it does have some acceptable ads such as static ads which do not disturb users while surfing a web page.Other than adblocking it has anti-malware and anti-tracking features.

6.Evernote Web Clipper:

The Evernote extension allows you to save web pages, photos, articles with just a single click.You will find it very useful when you want to save a particular web page or article to read it later.You can highlight the text which you find important while reading an article or web page.You can even share a clipped note through email or on social platforms.One of the main advantages is that you can access the saved clips from any devices using Evernote.


if you are a frequent online shopper then this extension is for you.It finds the best discount coupons available on products we search or wish to buy.After adding a product to cart, you have to just click the honey extension button, that’s it the rest will be done by Honey extension.It automatically finds the best coupon deals available for that product and applies it in the cart.This would be the best extension for those who shop online regularly.

8.Google Dictionary:

We come across lots of new words while browsing online.We find it difficult to understand the meaning of particular words, in such situations the Google Dictionary helps us to find the meaning of the word which we are not able to understand.You have to just double click on the word, a pop-up appears displaying the meaning of that word.You can also listen to the correct pronunciation of that particular word. It supports various languages.


Hola Better Internet is an unlimited free VPN (Virtual Private Network) extension available for Google Chrome.Probably one of the best Google Chrome extensions.With this extension, you can browse anything online anonymously without leaving your footprints to get traced by somebody.With the help of Hola VPN, you can even access the blocked sites in your country.It is ad-free and also provides faster internet.


Are you bored with a normal new tab in chrome? If so then you should try Momentum extension which helps you to customize the normal tab into an interesting one and also boosts you to be more productive.You can set a daily goal, to do list, weather forecast and so on.It displays a motivational quote every day which helps you to be motivated.If you wish to make your tab more colorful then you must give a try to momentum.

11.Chrome Remote Desktop:

With this chrome remote desktop, you can remotely access others PC or allow others to access your PC securely over the internet through chrome browser.You just need to install Chrome remote desktop extension to use this feature.It is fully cross-platform.

12.Data Saver:

Data Saver is an extension which helps to reduce the usage of data by compressing the web pages.Compressing the web pages also increases the speed of the loading time and thus open the sites quickly.This feature is present in chrome browser on the Android devices with which most of you might be familiar with, same as that this desktop extension will also work.If your data is limited and wants to save some data then you might use this extension.

13.Hover Zoom:

Hover zoom extension allows you to see the images large without opening the actual image.You have to just hover the cursor over the thumbnail images to view the full size of that image.Hover zoom will automatically resize the images to fit according to the window.

These are some of the best Google Chrome extensions.If you think that I have missed any of the best extensions, do let me know in comments.


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