7 Best Video Players For Android Smartphones

Most of us would love to watch videos/movies in our smartphone often or during leisure time.Even though the Android smartphones come with pre-installed default video player it does not provide lots of customization options as other video players available in Google Play Store.Also, the default video player might not support all the video formats.So to enhance the video quality or for some other reasons we prefer third party apps available in Play store.There are tons of apps available in Google play where choosing the best video player for Android smartphone is not an easy task so here is a list of some of the best video players for Android.

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Best Video Players For Android:

1.MX player:

MX player tops the list, it is one of the best video players available.It supports a wide variety of video formats, not only that it is the first players to include hardware related features such as hardware accelerated playback, hardware decoding and so on.It also supports subtitles, gesture controls and kids lock which would be very useful to restrict the kids from watching unwanted videos.There are more plugins to add extra functionality to the MX player.The MX player is available in both free and paid versions.The free version gets the job done but the only thing is that it displays ads, to watch ads free videos then you can go with the premium version which costs you $6.

2.VLC for Android:

The second best video player for Android is the VLC.VLC media player is all in one media player which supports almost all types of video formats.One of the most popular and reputed players in the PC segment also.Like the PC VLC player It also supports subtitles, multi-track audio, and network streaming.It can play anything from mp3 to MKV or FLAC.This player is available for free from Google Play.

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3.BS Player:

BS player is the another best video player for Android which comes with hardware acceleration for uninterrupted video playback, hardware decoding, gesture support, subtitles support and much more.It also supports video streaming from YouTube.The BS player can play the compressed video format files.Like the MX player, the BS player also comes in free and paid versions where the free version supports ads.


If you are searching for the best player to stream online videos, then the Mobo Player does the job for you.It can play both the offline and online videos stable.The MoboPlayer also supports various video formats, subtitles and continuous playback.With the simpler user interface, you can easily switch between options effortlessly.It has a floating windows feature so that you can perform other tasks while watching videos.


RockPlayer2 is also the best video player for Android.If you are a person likes to watch only HD, UHD videos then you can go with this video player.It can play High Definition videos effortlessly.It also supports gestures.

6.mVideo Player:

This is one of the simplest designed video players without much customization options.If you are looking for a simple video player just to watch videos without any customizations then you can go for this.It would not play all the video formats as other players but can play the formats which your smartphone’s default player could play, the slight difference between default player and mVideo player is that it supports gestures, playlist, snapshot and bookmarks.


GPlayer allows you to watch videos in a floating mode, by using this feature you can do multitasking while watching videos.It supports most of the video formats with subtitles.This player also comes with some themes so you can change the theme of the player according to your wish.

These are some of the best video players for Android.Try and find which suits your need.If you are using any other better video player other than these then let me know in comments.

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