How To Change Default DNS To Google DNS For Faster Internet

DNS is nothing but Domain Name System that converts the domain name to the respective IP address and then connects to the Internet Service Provider to load the web pages.DNS is the essential thing for the internet. The Internet service providers create a dynamic IP address to get connected to the internet, due to this it causes connection issues. So to overcome this here is a method by which you can change your default DNS to Google DNS. This DNS will provide you the maximum bandwidth and provides you a better internet speed. Just by changing some simple settings we can achieve this.

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How To Change Default DNS To Google DNS:

1.Open control panel in your PC and select Network and Sharing Center option.

2.Select Change adapter settings from the left pane.change default dns to google dns

3.You can see all the networks, there you have to select the network which you wish to configure for Google DNS. After selecting, to change Ethernet settings simply right-click on the Local Area Network and select properties.

change default dns to google dns

4.It will display the Ethernet properties, in the networking tab you can see Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) option. Just select that and click on properties.

change default dns to google dns

5.In that select Use the following DNS server addresses, in the preferred DNS Server option enter the value(i.e Google DNS server value) as shown in the image below and click OK. In case if there is any other default value just clear that value and enter Google DNS value. Now restart your network before using it.

change default dns to google dns

Alternate Method:

How to automatically configure Google DNS using DNS Jumper:

DNS Jumper Download Link

1.First Download DNS Jumper and install it in your PC. The downloaded file will be in zip format so use any of the unzipping software to extract the files.

2.Launch the DNS Jumper after installing, in that select the Google DNS  server or the other DNS server which you wish from the drop-down list under Choose a DNS server option.

change default dns to google dns

That’s it you have changed default DNS to Google DNS for faster internet. You can use any one of these methods to change the DNS. These change will provide you the maximum bandwidth. In case if you are not satisfied with the results obtained from these changes then you can go back to your previous settings at any time.

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