8 Common Blogging Mistakes Made By Newbie Blogger

Most of the newbie bloggers may not be aware of the common blogging mistakes and think that Blogging is an easy thing so we can make huge amount from that.To be frank, Blogging is not easy, there are various things which we want to follow to lead our Blogging to success.We cannot become an expert and make huge money overnight, patience is the important thing in Blogging career.

Mistakes are common but we should overcome that, even i did mistakes during my early stage of blogging.Don’t let your hard work vanish by these mistakes.So here i have listed the most common blogging mistakes which are done by newbie blogger, have a look at this, analyze your mistakes and try to correct them.

common blogging mistakes

Common Blogging Mistakes:

1.Copying content:

You may think that why should we waste our time by writing the content in our blog, instead of that we can copy the content and paste it in our blog so that it saves time.

Yes, it saves your time but your blog will end up with copyrighted content and at one point you will surely get hit by Google.You should never do such type of things if you need to long run in blogging.Create your own content on ideas what you gather from, make a note on the ideas what you get through you searches and develop a content based on that.Of course it takes time but surely you will reach success.Also reading is the vital thing in Blogging, as much as you read that much knowledge you will gain about your niche.

2.Copyrighted images:

If you need an image for your blog, you will simply download the image from Google image search and upload it in your post but you should not do that.This is also the most common blogging mistakes you should be aware of, because most of the images which you find through Google image search are not free to use on other blogs/sites, they contain copyright license.This will also affect your site later so you must buy the image or you must give credits before reproducing it in your blog.So always choose the images properly before uploading them in your blog.

3.Thinking about Quantity than Quality:

Most of you think that publishing more posts a day without a Quality content will drive you more traffic.If you think so then it’s time to get changed, you should be more focused on Quality than Quantity.Just don’t write posts on a mind set that we should publish daily, instead of that take some time and develop a Quality content which will be useful for the users in your niche.As i have told early maximize you content length up to minimum of 500 words, ,maximum word count is up to you.

4.Thinking that Complex English works:

Writing posts with more complex words will not drive you more traffic because it would be understandable only to particular people.Because your blog posts will be read by people all over the world so it must be understood by everyone.Just write posts as you do conversations.Make use of Yoast SEO plugin to check your content readability score.

5.Not caring about Grammatical errors:

Will you like to ready by post if it is not in a proper sentence? Probably the answer would be No, so nobody will like to read your posts if it does not have a proper sentence with correct grammar.I am not saying to write you in a high enhanced grammar just make it in a understandable format.So take enough time and write your content clearly.Before you publish the content check twice or thrice, sometimes common spelling mistakes may happen unknowingly.

6.Not caring about SEO:

Many newbie bloggers will not have knowledge about SEO and don’t know the importance of SEO.This is one of the most common blogging mistakes among newbie bloggers.Search Engine Optimization is the utmost important thing to drive traffic through search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.So learn some basic search engine optimization methods to improve your On-Page SEO and also use Google Keyword Planner to search keywords which are suitable for your niche.

7.Buying Backlinks:

Most of you might think that buying backlinks will increase your traffic and search engine rankings in a short period of time.Yes, that’s true, backlinks will boost your traffic and search engine rankings but paid baklinks is not the perfect option.They will only do wonders only for a short period of time and also you are letting the Google to penalize your website, once penalized it will be hard to come back so never buy backlinks.

8.Not Considering Theme:

Not worrying about the theme, this is also the common blogging mistakes made by newbie bloggers.If you are a wordpress user you can find lot of free themes from WordPress directory but we have to look at the things such as whether it is SEO optimized, Responsive, Design etc.Most of them will not look at these features, they just simply choose one and start working, so before choosing a theme check these things and go on.If you could spend some penny then you can go with Premium themes which would be best than free themes.


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