How To Access Facebook Messenger’s Hidden Basketball Game

With the latest update of Facebook Messenger the Facebook has also introduced a secret Basketball mini game which is hidden inside Facebook messenger.This is not the first time from Facebook to introduce a hidden game in messenger because previously there was a secret hidden chess game in the messenger same as now, one can play that with friends just by typing “@fbchess play”.The chess board appears and you can start playing.

facebook messenger hidden basketball game

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Same as that you can now play Basketball mini game with your friends just by sending basketball emoji.You should only send emoji, stickers will not work.If you didn’t find basketball emoji in your messenger’s emoji list just copy from here 🏀 and paste it.

Before starting the Basketball game you must have your messenger updated to the latest version.If you have not updated yet, just update it before proceeding.To start a game just send Basketball emoji 🏀 to your friend and tap on that, game gets started.Just flick the ball toward the hoop to get points.After each 10 points the game gets harder and also the backboard starts moving faster.You should focus on direction to get your ball in to the hoop.That’s it, just have a try and find how harder it is for you and how higher you can score.

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