How To Find Your Lost Android Phone Using Google Search

We may find tons of apps in the Google play store which help us to track location of our lost android smartphone.Some of the apps must be pre-installed in your smartphone to trace the location, which most of us may not have.Google has a wonderful yet easy option which allows us to track our lost android smartphone by doing a simple search, for this you need not to use any app or software.The tracking work will be done by Android Device Manager.Android Device Manager is the Google’s official tool by which you can find lost android phone.This will be default option in the Android smartphones.

find lost android phone

Here are some requirements to use this simple trick and find lost android phone:

1.Your smartphone should be linked to Google.This allows to share data from your PC to your android smartphone.

2.The location must be turned on in your smartphone.If you have not done yet, you can do it by heading over to Google settings app -> Android Device Manager.Now you have to switch on Remotely locate this device and allow remote lock and erase options.

3.Next you have to be logged in to your Google account.If your are using any google services like Gmail, Playstore etc, then you are already logged in.

Once all these requirements are there in your lost android smartphone, just go to Google search and type Find my phone and hit search.Now the search result will show you the map with the location of your lost smartphone.That’s it you have done.

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