How To Get iPhone’s 3D Touch On Android Smartphone

After the launch of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus by Apple the 3D Touch feature came in to existence.The 3D Touch feature performs various actions on pressing the screen little bit hard, for example if we press little bit hard on gallery it will display the images directly on the screen.Like this you can perform various things without leaving the screen.

So in order to use this feature we need not to own an iPhone because this feature is also available for android users, the only thing is that you must have Rooted Android smartphone to use this.If you have rooted device then follow the given steps, if you don’t have rooted device you must root it first.Unless your device is rooted this method will not work.

iphone screenshot


Rooted Android Device

Xposed Installer Framework

These two requirements are necessary because the 3D touch option will only work with the Xposed Installer framework and this framework will only gets supported by Rooted Android smartphones.


1.Open Xposed Installer app.

2.Head over to the download tab and search for Force Touch Detector.

3.Now download and install it.

4.After installing go back to the Xposed installer app.

5.Go to modules section.

6.Check mark Force Touch Detector.

7.Restart your phone because the installed framework doesn’t take effect without restarting.

8.After restarting open Force Touch Detector and enable Force touch option.

9.After that enable Master Switch.

Now click on threshold and follow two simple instructions given there.After that go back and select an action to be performed by 3D touch.That’s it you have got 3D touch feature on your android smartphone.

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