8 Best Google Chrome Features You Should Know

Google Chrome, the most popular and simple browser, almost every PC and smartphone user is familiar with. Even though it consumes excess RAM it is the fastest and secure browser.Google chrome is packed with lots of amazing features and tricks to make our work simpler and faster. Most of us will use chrome just for surfing the web, apart from using chrome just for browsing there are some useful and awesome features which you should know.These Google Chrome features help us to make our work easier and use chrome like a pro.

Best Google Chrome Features and Tricks:

1.Chrome Remote Desktop:

With this chrome remote desktop, you can remotely access others PC or allow others to access your PC securely over the internet through chrome browser.You just need to install Chrome remote desktop extension to use this feature.google-chrome-features

2.View Saved Passwords:

Google Chrome allows us to save the passwords for various websites.In case if we forgot the password for any of the websites then this might be very helpful to view the saved password of the particular website.It is one of the best Google Chrome Features.

Just type chrome://settings/passwords in the search bar or go to Settings -> Advanced -> Manage Passwords.

3.Bookmark all the tabs at once:

Bookmarking the particular website or page will allow us to easily access the website directly without typing in the search bar.To bookmark the particular site you can click the star icon which is present on the search bar or you can use Ctrl+D shortcut.

In order to bookmark all the tabs at once, you can use Ctrl+Shift+D shortcut or go to Bookmarks -> Bookmark open pages.

google chrome features

4.Mute Tab Audio:

On some websites, you may notice the video ads playing automatically which would be irritating at times.Some video ads do not have an option to mute the audio.In such cases, we may mute the audio of the tabs.

Just type chrome://flags/#enable-tab-audio-muting in the search bar and enable that.This mutes the audio of the tabs.


5.Customize Google Chrome with themes:

Are you bored with the default look of the chrome? If so then there are lots of themes available for Google Chrome in the web store.You can use any of the available themes according to your wish and make your Chrome browser look more beautiful and colorful.

6.Play T-Rex game:

Google Chrome is not only used for browsing, you can even play a game in the chrome browser when there is no internet connection.When there is no internet connection you could see a dinosaur on the web page, just tap the spacebar to start the T-Rex game.


7.Google Keep:

You can note down your thoughts and ideas on the go with the help of Google Keep.You can save in your browser with just a click and view that whenever you need, you can even share your thoughts with your friends and family.


8.Data Saver:

Data Saver is an extension which helps to reduce the usage of data by compressing the web pages.This feature is present in chrome browser on the Android devices with which most of you might be familiar with, same as that this desktop extension will also work.If your data is limited and wants to save some data then you might use this extension.

These are some of the best Google Chrome features by which we can make our work easier.

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