12 Hidden Facebook Messenger Features You Might Not Know

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking site with over 1.7 billion active monthly users.Almost all of us will use Facebook messenger at least once per day daily to chat or to send photos etc, we can even make voice or video call.The latest features and updates are making messenger more powerful and interesting.There are some hidden Facebook messenger features to know about, these features will make the app much more interesting and user friendly.

1.Access Facebook Messenger With Your Mobile Number:

You can use Facebook messenger even if you don’t have an account, you just need your mobile number for the sign up process.When you launch messenger app you can see two options Login with Facebook and Not on Facebook, just tap not on Facebook option.In the next screen you have to enter your mobile number and click continue option, that’s it now you can use messenger.With this anybody can have an access to Facebook using your mobile number even if you don’t have an account.

hidden facebook messenger features

2.Disable Chat Heads:

Facebook messenger’s chat heads acts as a notification icon when you receive any messages from your friends.With this you can open the messages directly from the chat heads without launching the messenger.If you don’t wish to get those type of chat heads notification, you can simply disable that by checking or turning off the chat heads option in the Facebook messenger settings.

hidden facebook messenger features

3.Send animal pics to contacts:

You can send pics of cute animals to your loved ones or your friends at any moment.To send an image just type @dailycute as a message and send to the person whom you wish.

hidden facebook messenger features

4.Change conversation color:

We all will be familiar with the Facebook messenger’s white color as background and blue color for messages.Do you feel boring with the same color and wish to change the color for different contacts, then this will help you.Open the conversation, you can find three options on top right side, from those click on i (i.e details option).Now you can see one of the option called color just click on that and select the color which you wish to set for particular conversation.

hidden facebook messenger features

5.Play chess with your friends:

There is a mini chess game hidden in your messenger.If you feel bored sometimes or if you are a chess liker then this game is for you.You can play chess with your friends through Facebook messenger, to start this game you have to type @fbchess as a message and send it to the person with whom you wish to play.If you need ant other help about the game then simply type @fbchess help .

6.Use Multiple Accounts:

With this you can use more than one Facebook account with your Facebook messenger.To add another account just go to settings, in that select accounts option.Now you can see + symbol on top right corner, tap on that and provide the details of an other account.You can switch between the accounts at any time.

hidden facebook messenger features

7.Create shortcut of your favorite person on home screen:

By creating a shortcut of a particular person you can access the messages of that particular person from your smartphone’s home screen.To create shortcut, long press on the conversation of the person whom you wish to add as a shortcut.Now select create shortcut option from the displayed options, this will add a shortcut on the home screen as a chat head.

hidden facebook messenger features

8.Mute notifications:

You can mute notifications of the particular group or person for a desired period of time.Long press on the conversation,  you can be able to see mute notifications option, tap on that and select up to what time the mute has to be on.

hidden facebook messenger features

9.View Messages sent by others:

You can also view the messages sent by other persons who are not your friends on Facebook.These messages will not be shown as a normal conversation but you can view these type of messages from your messenger’s settings page.Go to settings->people and click on message request.Now you can see all the messages sent by others.

10.Send and Receive Money:

You can send and receive money through Facebook messenger.To perform this you should add debit card to your account, this can be done by choosing payments option in settings.In that select add new debit card to complete the process.After adding the debit card open the conversation of the person to whom you wish to send money.Now select payment option by clicking on more menu icon(three dots) available at the bottom.If you want to request money from others simply tap request which is present at the top of the screen next to pay.

11.Hail Uber rides:

You can request a Uber ride from your Facebook Messenger.For this you need to click on car icon directly present at the bottom, if the icon is not there then you have to select transportation option present in the more menu icon.These options will open Uber’s ride request, there you have to give address, pickup location and destination.

12.Log out:

We all know that there is no log out option present in Facebook messenger as available in web version.But the following simple method will allow us to log out from Facebook messenger at anytime.Go to your smartphone settings->Apps->Messenger->storage->clear data.That’s it you have now logged out from Facebook messenger, you can log in back again at anytime.

hidden facebook messenger features

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