How To Hide WhatsApp Images and Videos From Your Gallery

WhatsApp messenger is one of the most popular and free messaging app available for smartphone users.Almost all the smartphone users have access to WhatsApp nowadays.We can share images, audio, video and other files through WhatsApp, recently it has also rolled out a new Video calling feature.Due to this upgrades and latest features WhatsApp has become and becoming most popular and most addicted app.We all know that images and videos which we receive through WhatsApp will get stored and displayed in gallery.Sometimes we wish to hide some of our personal photos and videos from others for a certain period of time.So to do this here is a simple method by which you can hide WhatsApp images and videos from your gallery.

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Steps to hide WhatsApp images and videos from your gallery:

1.Open File manager in your android smartphone.

2.Now head over to the WhatsApp folder in the file manager and open that.

3.Now you can see a folder called media, just open that media folder where you can find various folders such as WhatsApp audio, WhatsApp voice, WhatsApp images, WhatsApp video etc.

whatsapp images and videos

4.Rename WhatsApp images folder to .WhatsApp images to hide images.

whatsapp images and videos

5.In order to hide videos just rename WhatsApp video folder to .WhatsApp video.

whatsapp images and videos

You can also hide images and videos by an alternative method that is just by creating a new folder called .nomedia inside WhatsApp images and WhatsApp video folders.

Once you have renamed the folders, open apps manager or apps from your smartphone settings.Scroll down where you can find Gallery, tap on that.Now you can find an option called clear cache, just click on that.After doing this go to your gallery and check, the WhatsApp photos and videos will not be visible.

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These are the two simple methods by which you can hide WhatsApp images and videos from your gallery.If you wish to get them back in your gallery then you have to rename the particular folder names(.WhatsApp images and .WhatsApp video) to their original ones(WhatsApp images and WhatsApp video).After renaming it check your gallery, you can be able to see the images and videos.

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