How To Download Paid Android Apps For Free

Android platform is one of the best platform to download different types of apps from playstore.Playstore provides tons of different category of apps to download, some apps are free and some are paid apps.Free apps will have limited features when compared to paid apps.In case if we want to use all the features then we have to purchase the app and some apps will not even have trial versions, such type of apps must be purchased.Sometimes our favorite apps or games will be of paid version, almost most of us would search for a way to get the paid apps for free.If you get such kind of paid apps for free, will you avoid that?Probably the answer would be here are two simple methods by which you can download the paid apps for free and enjoy.This is not a method of hacking, just simple app which does this work.You can use anyone of these methods.

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Download Paid Android Apps For Free:

1.Using Blackmart Alpha:

Download Blackmart Alpha Apk

You have to download an app called Blackmart Alpha which helps you to download paid android apps for free.

1.Download and install Blackmart Alpha in your android smartphone.

2.After installing, open the Blackmart app.

Download paid android apps for free

3.In the search box enter the name of a paid app which you have to download.

4.Now download the app for free.

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2.Alternate method:

In this method you have to download the paid apps from websites which will be in the extension .apk.After downloading the files you can transfer them from pc to your android device.

1.Go to or can even download the android app of or on your android device.

download paid android apps for free

2.Now you have to enter the name of the particular android app in the search bar which you want to download.The app name must be with the extension .apk.The name should be in appname.apkĀ format.

3.Now download the particular app from the website and transfer it to your android device.

4.Install the app and enjoy for free.

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That’s it now you can download and use paid apps for free with these simple methods.Don’t forget to share this.If you know any other method than these methods, do let me know in comments.

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