How To Increase The Speed Of Android Phone

The Android smartphones are used widely nowadays.After using for some time you may notice a lag and decrease in the performance of your Android device.Normally this happens when you install too many apps or when you frequently install and uninstall apps.The decrease in performance will make the phone hard to use and irritates us at times.So here are few tips on how to increase speed of Android phone.These tips will surely help you to increase your smartphone performance to better than before.Just a simple change in phone settings and tweaks will make you achieve this.

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How To Increase Speed Of Android Phone:

1.Uninstall Unwanted Apps:

Whenever you install a new app on your Android smartphone it takes up some space on your smartphone.The app may also run some background process, this background process and the storage taken by the app automatically reduces the performance of your smartphone.So uninstall the apps which you use very rarely and feel not so useful.This results in the increase of your smartphone performance.

2.Update Apps Frequently:

Always check for the updates of apps installed on your smartphone.Updating the apps to the latest version also helps to increase your device performance.The newer version of apps come with bug fixes and also with some enhanced and new features.

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3.Update Android Version:

Whenever you receive a newer version of the Android for your smartphone, just install it.Because these updates will bring a lot of new features to increase the performance, stability of your smartphone.So don’t skip the OS updates.You can check for the update manually by going to system settings->About phone->System updates.

4.Avoid Using Widgets And Live Wallpapers:

Everybody loves to use widgets and live wallpapers since they make your smartphone display look more colorful.But how many of you are aware that these live wallpapers and widgets consume more CPU and thus drains the battery quickly.Widgets help us to get access to something quickly and keep some information updated such as weather forecast etc which may be really useful but these widgets run in the background always resulting in decreasing the performance.So try to use fewer widgets.

5.Disable Animations:

Every time when we swipe or open some apps in our smartphone we can see some animations such as slide, rotate, fade-in, fade-out etc.These animations are great to use and looks good but they also consume some extra battery juice and reduces smartphone’s performance slightly.So disable animations to increase your device speed to some extent.You can do this by heading over to system settings->Developer options->Window animation scale->Animation off.Do the same for Transition animation scale.

6.Disable Unwanted Apps:

Android smartphones come with some pre-installed apps.We can’t uninstall those apps in most of the smartphones, only a few smartphones allow us to do that.These pre-installed apps take some memory space and runs in the background which also affects the performance of the device.If you feel that those apps are not necessary then you can disable them.If you wish to uninstall those apps permanently then you should root your smartphone.

7.Don’t Overload Your Phone:

Each and every smartphone comes with a processor, RAM, and internal storage.Normally high-end smartphones come will have high-end specs so they could be able to handle almost every app you install.But when you have a smartphone with processor and RAM which cannot handle particular high-end games or apps, then installing such kind of apps on your smartphone will surely reduce the speed of your device.Because those apps consume more RAM which results in frequent crashes of apps, late responses etc.So before installing the apps check whether your smartphone can handle it or not.

These are the tips on how to increase speed of Android phone.Hope these tips will help you to increase the performance of the smartphone.

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