How To Protect Pendrive With Password

Nowadays computers have become a part of human life.We use computers for various purposes all over the world, they are most commonly used for personal use.We can store various types of files in the hard drive, which may be common files and personal files, so in case if we wish to transfer files from one PC to another PC or to store some personal files which are in less size we would opt for Pendrives.Since it is a portable device we use it to store and share files between two devices.

You may store some important files in your Pendrive and wish to safeguard such type of files from prying eyes.So in order to safeguard, you have to protect Pendrive with password.By protecting your pendrive the files cannot be accessed by the third person.This will also help to protect your personal information when you lose your pendrive.So here are two simple methods by which you can protect your pendrive with password.

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BitLock Encryption:

BitLock encryption is one of the easiest way to protect your pendrive from prying eyes.It is the manual method provided by Microsoft to safeguard our pendrive.SO simple to setup the password and use.Each and every time when you plug the pendrive, it asks you to enter the password to open the drive to see files in it.

1.Plug your pendrive in to PC or laptop port.

2.Go to My computer and right click on the pendrive drive.

3.You can see a menu showing BitLocker.Select Turn on BitLocker option.

how to protect pendrive with password

4.A pop up appears, check the Use a password to unlock the drive option and enter the password.

how to protect pendrive with password

5.After entering the password click next button.

6.The next window shows recovery key option, in case if you forgot your password you cannot access the pendrive.So it will ask you to choose save or print recovery key.Select the option which you wish and click next.

7.The encryption process will start.

Wondershare USB Drive Encryption:

By using this software you can protect your pendrive.It works same as BitLocker,it will help you to password protect the whole pendrive or you can also safeguard a particular area instead of protecting the whole drive.

Wondershare USB Drive Encryption download link

1.Plug the Pendrive in to the computer’s port

2.Download and install the software.After installing run it.

3.Select the drive which you want to encrypt.

how to protect pendrive with password

4.After selecting the drive click install.If you want to encrypt particular volume in your pendrive then you must mention the amount of volume before clicking install button.

how to protect pendrive with password

5.Now enter user name and password and click ok.

how to protect pendrive with password

By using anyone of these methods you can protect your Pendrive with password.These are very simple and safe methods to use.Hope these methods will help you.

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