How To Swap Internal and External Memory In Android

Hey guys whether your smartphone has less internal memory or the given memory is not sufficient to download and use all your loved apps.Don’t worry here is a method to extend internal memory.The internal memory is the vital thing in android devices.Almost most of the android devices have specific internal storage in which half of the space will get occupied by the default apps and rest of the space can be used by us for other purposes.

But after a certain limit we cannot install the apps, it displays there is no available space to download.In such cases we cannot install the new apps and also we may want to free up the space for new apps.Especially in older android devices the internal memory will be very less.However we cannot expand internal storage so here is a method by which you can swap the internal storage with the external storage.

The external storage is nothing but the SD card.We can swap internal memory and external memory so that there will be no storage issue for apps and also boosts device performance.For this method you must need a Rooted android device because only rooted devices accepts Xposed installer.It is nothing but a powerful framework which supports various types of modules that can only performed on rooted devices.So in case you don’t have rooted device, you must root your device before performing this process.Not only you can swap memory with the Xposed installer, there are bunch of operations to perform with it.

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How to swap Internal and External memory:

1.You have to install Xposed installer in your rooted android device.Because xposed installer works only with the rooted android devices.

2.After installing Xposed installer you have to install another module which works with the xposed module framework.So this module will allow you to swap both the internal and the external memory together.

3.Download and install the Xposed module called XInternalSD.This allows you to swap the memories.

4.After installing the XternalSD module with the Xposed installer, restart the android device so that the changes may take place.

5.After restarting your device open the module you can see the module showing where the apps should be saved as a default storage location.So change the location as you wish and tap ok.

6.The next screen will display you the common settings which you can edit according to your wish.That’s all the work is done, the default storage of apps will get changed and the new apps which you are installing will get stored in the SD card.

By this method you can simply extend your internal memory by swapping it with external memory creating a room with more space for new apps.Not only the storage gets swapped, your device performance will also get increased due to extra free space in the internal memory.After installing the modules always reboot your device to work perfectly, without reboot the installed module might not work properly,

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