How To Recover Deleted Contacts From Android

Android is one of the most popular and widely used platform nowadays.We can perform various things with our Android smartphone.The rooted android smartphones has much more additional privileges and functions when compared to non rooted smartphones.The contacts are most probably the important thing in our smartphone, everybody will have some important contacts in your smartphone.By accidentally or unknowingly you might have deleted contacts in your smartphone and at a sudden situation you wish to get them back.

I have already discussed about how to recover deleted photos from android, by this method you can even recover deleted contacts but you need a additional software to perform that.So here is a method by which you can recover deleted contacts in android by using your Gmail account.You can get back your contacts with these simple steps.You no need to root your device.

You all would have Gmail account in your smartphone, if you have synced the Gmail account with your smartphone then there is a chance to recover deleted contacts.For this method you have to use web version of the Gmail.You can restore the deleted contacts within past 30 days.

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How To Recover Deleted Contacts:

1.Go to your Gmail account.

2.On top left side you can see Gmail.Click on that, a drop down appears listing Gmail, Contacts and Tasks.

recover deleted contacts

3.Tap on contacts.A new tab opens listing your contacts.Select Restore contacts from the left pane.

Recover deleted contacts

4.Now a popup appears asking you to select the the time period.Choose according to your need and click restore.You can even give the custom time period.

Recover deleted contacts

That’s it you have recovered your lost or deleted contacts with the help of your Gmail account.So it’s always a better practice to have a gmail account and sync it with your smartphone.

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