How To Root Android Without PC

Rooting is the process of breaking the closed path of your android smartphone to perform various experiments.Rooting your android device allow you to use your smartphone completely without any restrictions.You can change the fonts,internal memory usage and much more.There are several methods by which you can root your android with the help of PC.But rooting it without pc have some more advantages.So here is a method to root android without PC.It has some advantages and also disadvantages.

Before downloading and installing the root apps go to your phone settings and uncheck unknown sources, since the root apps are third party apps your device will not allow it to install.If you decide to root then learn the rooting process completely and then start because wrong actions will damage your smartphone very badly.


1.One of the greatest advantages of rooting your android device is that, you can use custom ROM which helps you to update with the latest version and also helps you to use tons of features such as increasing the performance and so on.

2.You can free up the internal memory by removing the default apps.We know that smartphones come with some pre-installed apps which are not possible to remove.So by rooting the device you can remove such unwanted apps so that you can use  internal memory for some other purpose.

3.Normally you cannot move the apps form internal memory to sd card, after rooting you can perform this.So that you can free up even more internal memory to boost performance.


1.If you have decided to root then you have to forget about your device warranty.Yes, rooting your phone is an illegal process means that you are voiding your handset’s warranty.This is the main disadvantage on rooting the android.So most of them will avoid rooting.You will not receive any updates from the manufacturer.You have to install updates manually.

2.If the rooting process goes wrong your handset will get bricked and will never turn on.It may damage your phone in serious conditions and you would not be able to recover it back.So before rooting think twice whether you have to perform this or not.

How to root android without PC

Here are some best root apps by which you can root android without pc.Just install and follow simple steps, your device gets rooted within few seconds.Before downloading the root apps check whether your device is listed in the supported devices and download the suitable version.


It is one the best root app for android with which rooting gets over in just simple clicks.It also won’t take too much time to root your android device, it will make your device to get ready for use within few seconds.One of the safe root app to root your device in simple clicks.

  • Download and install Framaroot in your android device.After installing just open the app.
  • Select superuser from the given list.Now you have to select the exploit which your device supports.If you are not sure which exploit supports your device then click one by one.
  • After selecting, just tap root button.After the process it will display the success message.

how to root android without pc

Check Framaroot supported devices ]


This is also the best root app available to root various android devices.It also supports most variety of handsets, especially  one of the best app for chinese handsets and supported by more than one lac models.You can use it on any android versions ranging from 2.2 to 4.4.Build up with most enhanced rooting techniques, which gives you best results.

3.Universal Androot:

One of the simple and best root app to root android without PC.IT is also a one click process and supports various version of android platforms.

  • Download and install Universal androot in your handset.
  • Open the app and select your android version.Be sure to select the correct version or else it won’t work properly.
  • Once you have selected the version, click root.That’s it your mobile is now rooted.

how to root android without pc


The oldest and best app to root android handsets which are configured with spectrum chipsets.You can root easily with this root app.It is worth trying on handsets like micromax,xolo etc.This root app works great in such kind of devices.

  • Download and install Z4root.
  • Open the app and tap root, you can see the screen showing root options with temporary root and permanent root.Select permanent root.
  • After the process it displays success message.

how to root android without pc

5.CF Auto root:

It the latest root app available to root without PC.If you own a Samsung handset and wish to root it then you can go with this root app.Not that it will not support other devices, it works on other devices too but works even better with samsung.With simple steps you can root your device.

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