Tips To Charge Your Android Mobile Battery Faster

We all know that charging our smartphone battery within a short period of its actual time is the toughest thing.When we are in hurry schedule we may not have a focus on our battery life, after getting out of home we realize that we forgot to charge our mobile.10% of charge will not give you a whole day backup.So here are few tips on how to charge our mobile battery quickly within few minutes before getting out of your home.I am not saying that the battery will be charged 100%, just up to some extent to keep your mobile alive for some more time.

Disable unwanted features:

notification bar

Disable the features which are not necessary at that time, these features may be WiFi, Bluetooth or connectivity related options.Because these will drain your battery quickly.In addition to this close all the current running apps and background running apps and also disable automatic updates.Decrease your brightness and make the screen sleep because our screen is the greatest battery drainer.Also enable power saving option, this option you may find in your settings.

Enable Airplane mode:

We all know about this features in our smartphone,it is the best option to get rid of calls, messages and other network oriented options instead of to make power off.So if you need to charge your battery a bit faster than usual time then you have to go for this option.Sacrificing your incoming calls for few minutes may boost battery life to some more time.

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Go for right charger:

One of the most common thing what we do is that we will connect our mobile to our laptop or PC to make it charge,but it’s not the correct way because the USB cable will not deliver the required amount of power as socket delivers.Many smartphones support faster charging nowadays it does not mean that the mobile has a different battery ,the magic lies in the charger.There are charges which may deliver a much more watts to charge your mobile quickly, do opt that type of charges.The other thing you might think that i am using mobile brand charger which do not go wrong.

Once i too had a same thought before it comes to my charger.I plugged the charger and left my mobile for nearly 3 hours.After that i was shocked to see that it still remains 10%, i unplugged my charger and again plugged it few times but there was no change so i thought to change my charger.After i made this change it worked.So sometimes original charger may also go wrong.If you found this kind of problem then opt for a new charger, don’t go for chargers which doesn’t stay for longer period instead choose a better one by spending some more extra penny.Also make sure every time that you have plugged the pin correctly.These tips may help you when you are supposed to go out urgently.

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