Tips To Make Windows 8 PC Faster

Due to the continuous usage and installing third party programs the computer may slow down the performance rapidly.This is mainly due to stored junk files, unwanted services, system animations and so on.The continuous usage of system and multitasking consumes more RAM and affects your pc’s overall performance.So here are some of the simple tips by which you can make windows 8 pc faster to the maximum level just by changing some system settings.These settings are also compatible with Windows 8.1.

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Make Windows 8 PC Faster:

1.Disable Animations:

The system Animations are the main reason to slow down the pc performance.Animations will make your pc eye catching but they are also responsible for delay in performance.So follow these performance settings to boost performance

1.Go to system properties

2.Select Advanced system settings from left pane.A pop up appears choose Advanced tab

3.In that select settings under performance option

Now uncheck the following options

  • Animate control and elements inside windows
  • Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing
  • Fade or slide menus into view
  • Fade or slide ToolTips into view

tips to make windows 8 pc faster

After doing this click appy and ok.

2.Change Power Options:

Adjust your system’s power options to experience lag free performance.Go to control panel->system and security->power options.

select High Performance mode.This will consume some extra energy than the recommended one.

tips to make windows 8 pc faster

3.Disk Cleanup:

Computer may store some junk files, in order to clean up the junk files you have to cleanup the disk.Right click on C drive and go to properties option and choose disk cleanup.

tips to make windows 8 pc faster

4.Disable Unwanted Windows Services:

Normally there will be some automated services which runs in system background.They always keep running at the background due to this the system performance may slow down.So in order to disable the automated startups you have to change the settings in to manual.So by doing this you are going to decide which files have to run at the background.

Open run dialog box and enter services.msc and click ok

You can see the below mentioned services

  • Diagnostic Policy Service
  • Diagnostic Tracking Service
  • Offline Files Performance
  • Program Compatibility Assistance
  • Secondary Logon
  • Windows Error Reporting Service
  • Windows Image Acquisition

Now you have to change the above mentioned services in to manual.

Right click on the service and go to properties.In properties select manual in Startup type.Do this for all the mentioned servies.If you no need that services to startup for ever then you can even disable the services by selecting disabled option.

5.Control Your Startup Programs:

There are some programs which starts automatically when you log in to your computer.Such type of startups are also the main reason which affects the performance.These type of programs needs to be closed manually.So you have to disable the unwanted programs to boost your pc’s performance.

Open task manager and select Startup tab.In that you can see installed programs and their startup impact.Right click on the program which you want to disable and choose disable option.

6.Use Windows Defender:

Windows 8 is packed with an antivirus called windows defender to safeguard the pc from malware.So instead of using the third party antivirus programs make use of the inbuilt one.Because third party applications may also have impact to slow down the performance.Always keep your system protected from malwares and threats.

tips to make windows 8 pc faster

7.Optimizing Hard Drives:

Each and every program used by us will have a random memory to run the process.When the current process gets over the memory gets free and this memory space will be used by other program.During this it will leave some fragmented memory thus making it unavailable for other programs.So you have to optimize the drive to cleanup the fragmented memory blocks( Defragmentation ).

Right click on c drive and choose properties->tools->optimize

A popup appears displaying the list of drives, select the drive and analyse.

So these are some of the simple ways by which you can make Windows 8 PC faster.

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