Top 10 Methods Used By Hackers To Hack Facebook Accounts

Security is the most important thing in this online world, when it comes to social network sites we have to safeguard our accounts very carefully.Ignoring the simple security mistakes will let your account get hacked.So here i have listed the top methods which are used by hackers to hack your Facebook account.Have a look at these hacking methods and protect your Facebook account and other data from hackers.

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1.Phishing Method:

Phishing is the most popular method used to hack Facebook account.There are various phishing methods to hack, most used method is a hacker creates a Facebook login page which look same as the original Facebook login page and asks you to enter the credentials.Once the person logins through the fake login page the email address and password will get stored in a text file.The text file is then downloaded by the hacker.So always check whether the login page is secured with https connection before entering your credentials.To avoid this

Always use chrome since it identifies the phishing page.

Never login through other devices.

Neglect emails asking you to sign into Facebook account.


Keylogging is also the popular method to hack Facebook account.Generally a key logger is a program which records all the keystrokes used by you once it is installed in your computer.These keystrokes will be sent to the hacker through email or through FTP.By using these key strokes the hacker can find your password and gain access to your data and passwords.To avoid this

Have good antivirus and  internet security.

Always download the software from the trusted sites.

Always scan USB drives.

3.Session Hijacking:

Session hijacking is the method by which the hacker steals the browser cookie which is used by you to authenticate to the website.The hacker then uses it to hack your Facebook account.This method is most commonly used on non secure connection i.e HTTP.It is mostly used on Wi-Fi and LAN networks.

4.Mobile Phone Hacking:

Majority of the Facebook users access Facebook through their smartphones.If the hacker is able to gain access to your mobile phone, then he can also gain access to your Facebook account.Basically this can be done by using mobile spying software’s, mobile spy and spy phone gold are the most popular mobile spying software’s used to monitor.To avoid

Don’t download apps through unknown sources.

Use good antivirus.

5.Saved Passwords:

We could see the browsers asking permission to save our username and password.Most of you might click save option but you shouldn’t do that.Because anyone can hack your Facebook account through browser’s password manager.So never save your usernames and passwords on your computer.Always use strong passwords such as combination of letters, numbers and some characters.

6.DNS Spoofing:

DNS spoofing is a method by which the hacker uses fake Facebook page to hack Facebook account and gains access to victims account.If hacker and the victim are on the same network, then the hacker replaces the original Facebook page with fake page and gains access to the victims account.So always manage your DNS servers securely and also configure it to be secure against cache poisoning.

7.Sidejacking With Firesheep:

Firesheep is mostly used to perform sidejacking attacks.This attack can be done only if both the victim and hacker is on the same Wi-Fi network.This method is similar to the session hijacking method.To avoid this don’t use open Wi-Fi networks & always logout from the websites.

8.USB Hacking:

This is a method by which the hacker can steal your login credentials using USB.If a hacker is able to access your computer physically then he might insert the programmed USB drive which retrieves all your login data from your browser.To avoid this always scan USB drives, don’t purchase any second handed USB drives and don’t allow unknown people to use your computer.

9.Email ID hacking:

In this method hacker need to gain access only to the email id which is linked to your Facebook account.If he is able to access your email then he could change the password manually by requesting Facebook to send reset password link.To avoid this enable two step authentication to your gmail account.Don’t enter email address on suspicious sites.

10.Man In The Middle Attacks:

If the victim and the hacker are on the same LAN network, then the hacker acts as a default gateway between the client and the server and captures all the traffic between the client and server.To avoid this use VPN services and a proxy server to access the internet.

These are the top methods used by hackers to hack Facebook account.

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