Top 5 Torrent Apps For Android

Torrent is basically meant for sharing and downloading the large sized files from the internet.It is the popular way to download the files.You have to use torrent softwares to download such kind of torrent files from the internet.You may be familiar with various torrent download clients by using in PC.Nowadays we can also download the torrent files by using smartphone with the help of some torrent apps for android.

We can find numerous amount of torrent applications in Play store which helps us to download torrent files.You have to download the torrent file of the file which you wish to download and have to use it with the torrent app to start the download of the whole file and some torrent clients will also have inbuilt search option where you can search for the files.So here is a list of some best torrent apps for android which you can download and experience it today.

Torrent Apps For Android

Torrent Apps For Android:


It is one of the most popular torrent software,every pc user may be familiar with.Very lite and easy to use even for newbies.We can download various large files such as video,music and documents with no download limit.μTorrent software is now available for smartphone also, the users can enjoy the same features as used in pc.It come with WiFi mode feature by which we can download the huge files using WiFi network.Self integrated media player to play the downloaded files.It also supports RSS feed.


Like μTorrent,the BitTorrent is also one of the most popular and highly used torrent.It allows us to download any kind of files such as music,video.softwares etc without any download limit.We can also select the location of the file where it has to be saved.The latest update increased its performance level to some extent.It also has  integrated media player to play the downloaded audio and video files directly.


It is a new torrent software when compared to the other torrents but performing well among the users due to its elegant design and enhanced performance.It does not have download and upload limit and also it does not support the files which exceeds file size of 4GB.Flud also helps us to share the files to another device directly and supports RSS feed too.

tTorrent Lite:

This is also one of the simple torrent used to download large files.It supports various types of files formats with multiple downloading option.Supports features like proxy,IP filter and WiFi only mode.It has an builtin search option to search and download the files.Also helps you to share the files to other device.


The aTorrent is P2P bittorrent client for android.Like the other torrents it also allows to download large files with unlimited downloads at a time.It has builtin search option  to search for files and also very easy to use with its clean design.

There are many torrent apps in the play store which you can use instead of the above mentioned torrents but these are the best torrent apps for android to download various types of files easily.

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