How To Watch Torrent Movies Online Without Downloading

Most of us would love to watch movies for free by downloading them or watching online.Torrent sites are very popular for downloading free movies but we cannot watch online.We need popular torrent clients like uTorrent or BitTorent to download the movies from any of the torrent sites.

So how to watch torrent movies online without downloading?Is there any way to watch like that?Yes, we can watch torrent movies online, this also ensures the quality of the movies before downloading.To do this we are going to use the Rox player which is very easy to install and use.It also supports various types of video formats.

Watch Torrent Movies Online Without Downloading:

1.First you need to download and install Rox player in your PC/laptop.

2.Download torrent file or copy the torrent URL or copy the magnetic link of the movie which you wish to watch/download.

3.Now open Rox player and go to file->open torrent, there you can see three options .torrent file, .torrent url, .torrent magnetic link.So you have to select any one of these options.

  • If you have downloaded the torrent file simply select .torrent file and upload the downloaded file.
  • If you have copied the URL then select .torrent URL or if you have copied magnetic link then select .torrent magnetic link.A dialog box appears just paste the copied link there.

4.It will take few seconds to open the torrent files there.From the listed files just select the main movie file and double click on it to play the movie.After few minutes your movie starts playing when the buffering is done.

5.That’s it enjoy your movie online without downloading it.

This is one of the simplest and easiest method to watch torrent movies online without downloading it in your PC.

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